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Automated Technology Translation Applications
Content volume is increasing faster than any company or government can manage, much less translate into all the languages of their employees, partners, customers, or citizens. Faced with mass quantities of information written in their home-market language, most organizations choose not to translate most of that content - thus making it inaccessible to those "foreign" users. Common Sense Advisory's latest research entitled "Automated Translation Technology: Using Machine Translation to Close the Translation Gap and Fuel Information Discovery" helps information publishers determine the suitability of machine translation (MT) for making content available in other languages. MT is a computer application that analyzes text in a source language and produces an equivalent text in another language; for example, it might translate Arabic into English or English into Russian.

The report, which was written by Common Sense Advisory's Chief Research Officer, Don DePalma, and analyst Robert Kuhns, advises companies operating internationally to evaluate MT as a way to accelerate content availability in other languages for both communication and commerce as they move toward a policy of "no content left behind." The report contends that of all natural language processing technologies, automated translation harbors the most potential as a disruptive technology for global communications and commerce as companies and government agencies seek to minimize the amount of untranslated but useful material (what the report calls "zero translation").

Adds DePalma, "Our research educates organizations considering the use of automated translation technology by describing the demands driving the development of automated translation, outlining how it is currently being used in industry and government, and categorizing the major MT features. The lessons of early adopters will help organizations avoid the mistakes of those who came before them. We also estimate the size of the market for automated translation technology and provide an in-depth dissection of the four MT approaches most favored by developers."

Submitted On: 1/13/2011

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