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Report on Localization Maturity Model (LMM)
BOSTON) - September 13, 2006 - Localization is a business strategy tackled by both large- and medium-sized businesses as they expand into international markets. To help guide global organizations along the localization process, Common Sense Advisory announces its latest research report, "The Localization Maturity Model," which provides an evolutionary roadmap for companies as they progress along the business process, technology, and organizational aspects of "localizing" software, websites, and software-dependent products or services for sale outside their home markets.

The report describes the localization maturity model (LMM), an adaptation of a capability maturity model (CMM) to the needs of companies translating or adapting software, websites, and software- dependent products so they can be marketed, sold, used, and supported in other countries. Don DePalma, the report's lead analyst and Common Sense Advisory president, said that, "The CMM is well-established as a tool for benchmarking organizations developing applications or integrating systems. We applied the CMM model to companies that are globalizing their websites, commerce engines, and other business operations. Corporations in any industry looking to improve business results from international operations can use our report and LMM model to help understand where they are today on the evolutionary roadmap, and to understand the steps they need to take in order to advance to the next level."

Ben Sargent, co-author of the report, noted that "we distilled our localization maturity model from conversations and interviews with hundreds of companies over the last few years. Every company thinking about business or website globalization can learn from those who came before them."

The LMM report includes:

  • an overview of the organizational, process, and technology lifecycles of localization;
  • a discussion of the behaviors, processes, and activities that constitute defined, managed, and repeatable best practices;
  • and recommendations for moving up the maturity ladder.
Submitted On: 1/13/2011

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