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Common Sense Advisory Releases 2005 Survey Results of the Best and Worst Language Industry Conferences
Which industry conference should people who make their living in translation, localization, and internationalization attend? Common Sense Advisory polled hundreds of industry vendors and buyers as to how they feel about language industry conferences; gathering data on: 1) interviewee demographics; 2) expectations that respondents have for conferences; 3) the best and worst conferences – and the factors that make a conference great or terrible; and 4) which upcoming conferences interviewees intend to register.

Three hundred and forty industry professionals responded; a little more than one-third of which were clients. The findings of the survey are published in the report, “Best and Worst Language Conferences: Delegates and Prospective Attendees Voice Their Opinion on Language Industry Conferences.”

The report i ncludes a wide variety of events organized by Association of Canadian Corporations in Translation and Interpretation (ACCTI), AIIM – The ECM Association, Association de l’industrie de la langue – Language Industry Association (AILIA), Association of Language Companies (ALC), American Machine Translation Association (AMTA), American Translators’ Association (ATA), the ATA’s Translation Companies Division (ATA-TCD), Client-Side News, European Association for Machine Translation (EAMT), Institute of International Research (IIR), International Quality and Productivity Conference (IQPC), International Workshop on Internationalization of Products & Systems (IWIPS), The European Forum for Language Technology (LangTech), Localization Industry Standards Association (LISA), Localization Institute/Multilingual Computing/GALA, the Localisation Research Centre (LRC), and the Unicode Consortium.

In addition to structuring, cataloguing, and graphing this information, the report also considers return on conference attendance ( ROCA) and recommends conference best practices to organizers, vendors, speakers, and attendees. Adds report analyst and COO of Common Sense Advisory, Renato Beninatto, “Anyone who plans to organize, attend, speak at, or exhibit at a conference will find value in this report. It describes what delegates look for in a conference, discusses why they labelled events best and worst, and advises all participants on how to best approach these summits. This report should prove particularly interesting to conference organizers because it gives them a chance to compare themselves to other industry events.”

Also available is the “unplugged” version of the report, which lists respondents’ actual comments regarding what they liked most and least about the events they have attended and provides a wealth of insight about what works and what doesn't.

The full report is available as part of an annual subscription or through individual purchase. The “unplugged” version is only available to annual subscribers. For more information, contact Renato Beninatto.

Submitted On: 1/17/2011

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