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New Workshops for Translation and Localization Companies Offered from Common Sense Advisory
Common Sense Advisory’s principal and COO, Renato Beninatto, will host a Sales Management Workshop on September 8- 9 in Paris. Designed especially for the CEOs and founders of small- to medium-sized translation and localization companies, Beninatto will deliver his profitable insight into what works and what doesn’t work in selling language services. Attendees will be able to work on their company’s actual figures and goals and return home with an effective sales plan. Fees for the workshop are US$1,000 for Common Sense Advisory subscribers and US$1,500 for non-subscribers.

That same week, Common Sense Advisory, Inc. will team up with Princeton Sales Partners to offer a workshop that is customized to the particular selling environment of translation and localization companies. On September 5- 7 in Paris, France, Jim Lewis and Renato Beninatto will unveil the CustomerCentric Selling Workshop, which empowers salespeople to focus on their prospects' business goals rather than on their products and services. The course materials are customized with the language industry's message, products, and services along with actual customer call scripts, letters, and sales cycle plans. Attendees will gain an understanding of both the skills to sell as well as the messaging that sells. The cost for the three-day seminar begins at US$2,500.

Visit Common Sense Advisory online at http://www.commonsenseadvisory.com or call +1 866-510-6101 to register or to find out more about the workshops.

Submitted On: 1/17/2011

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