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Common Sense Advisory Releases Language Software Tools Report
Research and consulting firm Common Sense Advisory today released a new report focused on both a business perspective and on technical aspects of global software. The report, “Beyond Global Websites: Guide to Language Tools from the Desktop to the Enterprise for Developing International Applications,” hones in on the tools that help in authoring and modifying global content managed by corporate databases, content, and document systems.

“Multinational corporations produce websites, publish marketing collateral, and write documentation for dozens of languages. But only a small fraction of potentially useful text ever gets translated,” said Donald A. DePalma, president of Common Sense Advisory, Inc. and the lead analyst on the report.“The reasons are simple: Too many words, too few people to translate, not enough testing to ensure quality, too much integration between words and software to make it happen, and not enough money to do it even if all those other problems did not get in the way. This report lays out a roadmap for successfully creating and adapting content for the needs of different international audiencs.”

Organizations with global content needs, language service providers, data warehousing companies, multinational companies focused on successful business globalization, growing companies who are just beginning to tackle globalization, and globalization service providers will benefit from the information – packed report which delivers:

  • Guidelines to ensure that the databases, business intelligence, and other corporate applications purchased can support value chain for global content development and management
  • An overview of the software products available for creating and managing this global or multilingual content value chain
  • An outline of the evolution of specialized globalization tools in supporting international application and content development in supporting the move to global markets and how globalization software will change over the coming few years
  • What companies should look for in a globalization tool, including “shopping lists” and pricing guidelines for evaluating authoring support tools

“Beyond Global Websites: Guide to Language Tools from the Desktop to the Enterprise for Developing International Applications,” will be released in increments, beginning with the 38 – page introduction, which focuses on the demand, supply, and high – level market and technology dynamics for the globalization tools industry. The remaining four sections referenced in the report will release throughout March. These sections will deal with authoring, engineering, translation, and management solutions for dealing with content.

The full report is available on a subscription basis or for individual purchase by calling +1.866.510.6101 or visiting http://www.commonsenseadvisory.com.

Submitted On: 1/17/2011

Common Sense Advisory research and analysts are frequently cited in the New York Times, International Herald Tribune, Wall Street Journal, Boston Globe, Fortune Magazine, Inc Magazine, and BusinessWeek.
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