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Golden Oldies: Common Sense Advisory Releases Reports for Individual Purchase
Looking for research and tools to guide your localization and translation purchasing or sales efforts? Now buyers and vendors of translation and localization services can gain immediate access to three key research reports at a discounted rate:
  • Rage Against the Content Machine (Release date: March 2003)
  • Where the Translation Money Is (Release date: January 2003)
  • Beggars at the Globalization Banquet (Release date: November 2002)

These reports offer ground-breaking original research on measuring and ensuring the ROI on localization investments, determining where and how to focus and develop translation sales initiatives, assessing the value of global content management solutions, and more. The reports, which to date have been available as part of an annual subscription or individually at the time of release for $1,200 each, can now be purchased for US$500. Reports are available immediately for purchase and delivered in Adobe PDF format.

States Common Sense Advisory’s founder and business globalization expert, Don DePalma, ”Readers of even our first report on ROI tell us that they glean major insight from what we wrote about in late 2002. Because our research methodology relies on what buyers tell us first-hand about their practices and experiences, the reports will always be timely to practitioners across a wide spectrum of companies. Thus, they can utilize and implement the best practices we write about and put our analysis to work in improving their globalization efforts.

Today, we’re offering vendors and buyers of translation and localization services access to this information without committing to an annual subscription. Even companies simply looking to understand the intricacies of ‘going global’ can benefit from access to our independent industry research and analysis at this lower price point.”

About the reports
“Rage Against the Content Machine” examines how CMS solutions handle multilingual applications. Common Sense Advisory investigated the technology challenges faced by content developers and assessed the ability of today's enterprise CMS systems to make the leap to global content management. Common Sense Advisory interviewed managers and decision-makers responsible for one or more of their firm's multilingual applications. Among the major suppliers profiled in this report are Documentum, Tridion and Vignette.

"Where the Translation Money Is" provides a conservative projection of the language services market for 2003 and insight into how the market will evolve across the U.S. and its many vertical market segments. It contains realistic numbers that you can relate to, not hyped or triple-counted figures that make no sense to anyone. The estimated Outsourceable Translation Budget for each industry allows sellers of language services to calculate market share in each of over 200 industries. The report details the top 20 markets for translation and localization, dollars spent on translation and localization by SIC code, geographic distribution of translation companies in the U.S., market size statistics by SIC code, and more.

“Beggars at the Globalization Banquet” offers a stepwise process for measuring and ensuring the return on investment (ROI) of localization investments. Rather than focus on simple cost-cutting measures, the report considers a wide range of standard business paybacks and offer formulas for calculating returns. Finally, it looks to the future of the localization support industry, helping practitioners, service providers, and technology suppliers prepare for the inevitable changes driven by the unavoidable need to prove ROI.

To order a featured report, visit www.commonsenseadvisory.com or call +1.760.730.3850.

Submitted On: 1/17/2011

Common Sense Advisory research and analysts are frequently cited in the New York Times, International Herald Tribune, Wall Street Journal, Boston Globe, Fortune Magazine, Inc Magazine, and BusinessWeek.
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