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New Report Outlines Best Practices for Global Real-time Enterprise Planning
Common Sense Advisory, an independent research firm, announced today the release of its latest report revealing how the demands of operating across multiple international markets in real time will drive companies to think supranationally about products, content, and laws. Rather than operate as American or German companies, for example, they will rethink how they participate in national markets, adapt products to local tastes, and shorten the lag time between making products available across geographies. Many will adapt simultaneous shipment strategies pioneered by today’s high-tech software and hardware companies to finished goods like medical devices, automobiles, and aircraft.

The report,“Real World Enterprise,” explores the realities of operating in today’s global economy and is based on a study of 75 companies localizing products for many international markets. It identifies the best practices of companies that today routinely ship computer goods and services to multiple international markets within days of sending their English-language products. This simultaneous shipment (simship) policy allows them to market the same product in many countries, lever their brand globally, and compete on the same footing with local rivals. This practice foreshadows how businesses in other industry sectors will morph into “world enterprises,” capable of meeting the demands and legal requirements of many international markets.

“Companies like Symantec and Adobe have mastered the art of simshipping their products to key markets on the same day or within a few weeks,” noted lead analyst Don DePalma. “Their ability to develop, test, document, and ship to a dozen or more markets in such a short time sets the standard for companies that want to transcend the local markets where they originated.”

DePalma adds, “Real world enterprises must flex with changing business requirements These supranational companies look at a product not as exclusive to one market, but rather as an offering that can be sold anywhere. As they create these global products, they will design them to the regulations, safety standards, and market demands of the most difficult country – just as BMW decided to do for automobiles in the 1990s when they chose to build all their cars for the stringent demands of the American market. Companies can either be a victim of this change or a proponent of change.”

The 34-page report report includes:

  • An examination of the changing landscape of content and digital development and how the demands of the real world enterprise will raise the bar for companies seeking business outside their domestic markets.
  • The issues of regulatory compliance and the flexibility of internal applications when operating as a supranational organization - - a look at the new regulatory compliance burden. i.e. if you go with U.S. privacy regulations, you’re missing some of the EU’s.
  • A look at the best practices used by technology suppliers that ship localized versions of their products within days of their U.S. version, such as Cisco, EMC, Hewlett Packard, and Symantec.

Full Research Study Available to Media
A full analysis, including additional components and detail not included in the preceding brief, is available to members of the media. To receive the full report, schedule an interview with an analyst, or learn more about Common Sense Advisory research capabilities, please contact Melissa Gillespie at +1.760.522.4362 or melissa@commonsenseadvisory.com.

Submitted On: 1/17/2011

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