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Report Outlines Best Practices for Businesses to Outsource Translation for Global Markets
Common Sense Advisory announces the release of its latest industry report, "How to Avoid Getting Lost in Translation," which was created to provide buyers and sellers of language translation services with outsourcing best practices. The report provides buyers and sellers with the tools to understand the other's needs, motivations and practices, as well as engage in a successful sourcing engagement.

In the report, Common Sense Advisory, an independent research firm, interviewed 75 language service buyers on the outsourcing of language translation services and discovered that nearly 90 percent outsource some or all of their translation and localization work. Common Sense Advisory investigated the challenges faced by buyers of language services and detailed the major steps in having a relationship with a provider -- from finding good candidates to breaking up when the relationship turns sour. The 30-page report suggests best practices in each of the major phases of working with translation vendors.

Key take-aways from the report include:

  • Negotiation strategies. Most survey respondents listed price as the major criterion for vendor selection, more so than any other factor. Common Sense Advisory outlines how to negotiate the best but fairest deal.
  • Tools to equip vendors for success. Common Sense Advisory introduces its "localization kit" -- a package that provides language service providers with all of the critical information they need to work effectively for the buyer.
  • Expectation setting. Well-established ways to improve quality, shorten turnaround time, and lower costs.

"How to Avoid Getting Lost in Translation" is the latest in a series of reports produced by Common Sense Advisory, and is available as part of a subscription to clients. For more information about this report and others, visit www.commonsenseadvisory.com.

Submitted On: 2/14/2011

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