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Doing business in Japan

The Japanese don’t feel the need to accommodate your way of thinking. So if your product doesn’t sound like it was developed in Japanese, you are in trouble, according to a newly published “Quick Take” from Common Sense Advisory, a market research analysis firm that focuses on the best practices, services, and solutions for business globalization.

“We were surprised to see that although companies recognize that the Japanese market has unique demands, the solutions available are always the same as the ones offered for other languages,” commented Renato Beninatto, partner of Common Sense Advisory and the author of the report.

“The second economy in the word is more successful at conquering U.S. clients than American companies are at penetrating the Japanese market,” noted Beninatto. “Unless U.S. companies rise to the challenge,” he concludes,” they can expect no better than a second-place finish to Japanese rivals and international competitors who better understand the market’s demands.”

“A Quick Take on Japan” is available for free download at www.commonsenseadvisory.com. Quick Takes are research bullets published by Common Sense Advisory on topics of interest to the localization industry. It is based on research recently conducted for the report “Beggars at the Globalization Banquet.”

For information about subscribing to Common Sense Advisory’s research, contact us at +1.760.730.3850 or at info@commonsenseadvisory.com. You can learn more about the company at www.commonsenseadvisory.com.

Submitted On: 1/17/2011

Common Sense Advisory research and analysts are frequently cited in the New York Times, International Herald Tribune, Wall Street Journal, Boston Globe, Fortune Magazine, Inc Magazine, and BusinessWeek.
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