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If You’re a Fast-Growing LSP, We’re Looking for You
Posted by Donald A. DePalma on April 11, 2014  in the following blogs: Interpreting, Market Data, Supplier Business Issues, Translation and Localization
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For nearly a decade, Common Sense Advisory has published rankings of the largest language service providers (LSPs) in the world. Our original list of 20 LSPs in 2005 grew to 186 companies on 10 global and regional rankings in 2013. Last year, we analyzed their year-over-year 2011 to 2012 revenue data to show which LSPs are growing the fastest.

The 20 LSPs listed in the following table are the fastest growing of the 186 companies that appear in our 2013 report. For our tenth market study, which will result from the survey that you can take now, we will update this list to showcase the fastest-growing LSPs for the period 2012 to 2013. 

Scan the list and you’ll see:
  • A broad revenue range. LSPs in our annual market study earned between one and 457 million dollars in 2012. This list of the 20 fastest-growing companies ranges from firms that earned just over a million dollars to one that took in US$125 million in revenue.
  • A diverse set of characteristics.This list has companies from the Americas (north and south), Asia, Africa, and Europe (north, west, and eastern). It shows companies that specialize in translation, others that focus on interpreting, and still others with a comprehensive range of language services. 
  • Absolute growth is all that matters for this list. For this analysis, we ignored everything but revenue growth, thus mixing some of the biggest and smallest companies. All that mattered was how much they grew – whether organically or by acquisition. For example, smaller companies like Future Trans and Win & Winnow appear alongside Moravia and Welocalize. 
Why do companies share their business data with Common Sense Advisory and more general lists such as Inc. 5000? In many cases, it’s about increasing their visibility in the marketplace. Many LSPs don’t have the marketing muscle of a Lionbridge or SDL, so they look to such rankings to amplify their message. If you’re interested in showcasing your company’s growth, please take the survey (or copy https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/CSA_GMS into your browser) before April 30, 2014 – and once you complete it, you’ll receive our 2013 report with the list of 100 largest providers and nine regional rankings. 


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