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Posted by Donald A. DePalma on September 11, 2014  in the following blogs: Market Data, Interpreting
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Common Sense Advisory research shows that the demand for interpreting services is growing, but suppliers have a tough time matching that demand to their supply of interpreters. Why is that such a problem? The most common type of interpreting occurs face-to-face or on-site. That means service providers have to deliver the right interpreter to the right place at the right time – for a court date, medical appointment, or business meeting, for example. It’s that “whenever and wherever” requirement that poses the biggest challenge to delivering interpreting services. Remote interpreting, whether by phone or video, is a great alternative, but not suitable for every situation where a human presence is preferred or mandated. 

That delivery challenge is the backdrop for one of our most anticipated research projects, a report on the global demand for interpreting services. Our 2010 report on "The Interpreting Marketplace" studied the North American market. Our goal in this new report is to expand that analysis as we harvest more information about the worldwide market, identify trends, and clarify requirements for interpreter quality, training, and certification.

If you are a buyer of interpreting services, we would like to get your input on how you use, buy, and evaluate such services. Click here to take the survey. As always, the more responses we get, the more comprehensive our data will be. If you have questions, please contact us.


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