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Annual Survey Shares Language Industry's Growth with the World
Posted by Donald A. DePalma on January 27, 2016  in the following blogs: Interpreting, Market Data, Supplier Business Issues, Technology, Translation and Localization, Web Globalization
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CSA Research just launched the survey for our twelfth annual review of the language services and technology market. Click here to take the survey – or paste https://goo.gl/UkPcFw into your browser. 

Why should you take this survey? The primary research that we conduct focuses on language as a vital business function – and creates more visibility and business for all LSPs. Suppliers both large and small rely on our annual report to make their activity more visible to buyers, investors, and the media. Even the smallest LSPs benefit from the increased attention that this annual report brings to the critical but often undervalued language function. Click here for more information about the importance of this research and its value to the industry. 

To produce our annual report, CSA Research begins by surveying a representative sample of our validated database of language service and technology providers. That's where you come in.  Our analyst team, which includes a statistician, uses our proprietary algorithm to analyze the data that you and a thousand other companies provide. We gauge the total addressable market, determine the distribution of service and technology revenue, and calculate a range of market-defining datapoints. We employ the same methodology year-over-year, a representative sample, and a team of professional analysts to develop a reliable, statistically significant view of the market.

What do companies do with the data from our annual report?
  • LSPs and technology providers get the market intelligence they need to understand the market opportunity, plan their sales strategies, develop product and service offerings, and set investment levels and budgets. 

  • On the demand side, buyers use the data and insight to formulate their business process outsourcing strategies for language and digital content – and to develop tenders, assess vendor capabilities and performance, and benchmark their suppliers.

  • Investors such as private equity groups investigating the market opportunities use CSA Research data on market size, global rankings of size, and service revenue distribution in their investment calculations.

  • Business and mainstream media rely on this report and its data in their reportage of this industry and its support for written and spoken language functions in business and government. 
The bottom line: Take the survey and increase the visibility of the industry that pays the bills. We're especially interested in getting more responses this year from the small companies that make up a large percentage of the overall industry turnover. Every respondent will receive a summary of results for their region after we publish the report, while companies that respond by February 29th will receive an additional incentive shortly after completing the survey. Take the survey now.


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