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Understanding Translation Buyers Drives Successful Sales
Posted by Arle Lommel on July 6, 2016  in the following blogs: Supplier Business Issues, Global Marketing
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A cornerstone of successful sales and marketing is understanding the individuals to whom you are selling. Not just the kind of company, but the individuals who make decisions. A pitch that meets the needs of a young and relatively inexperienced localization manager at a small startup will be very different from one that works for a procurement manager at a large multinational manufacturer of consumer goods.

In 2004 and 2009, CSA Research investigated the profiles of individuals who buy translation and localization services. In “Targeting Translation Buyers” (Sep09), we provided a clear picture of who purchases language services. It identified six classes of translation buyers and 10 additional profiles, and provided guidance that allowed LSPs to target prospects more precisely.

In order to expand upon this research, we are conducting a short survey about the business contacts at the top three clients of LSP sales and customer-care staff. If you are involved with selling language services or providing client care, we want to hear from you by the end of July. It should take 10–15 minutes to complete this survey. In return we will provide you with a copy of “Five Questions to Identify More Evolved Prospects” (Jun16), a brief that will help you understand where your potential clients are in terms of their localization maturity and how you can approach them with offerings that meet their needs.

This survey goes beyond our previous ones to focus not only on the buyers themselves, but also on how LSPs manage relationships with their customers. We seek to provide more detailed information on profiles by geography, gender, and purchasing authority, as well as the demographics of the sales and customer care staff who work with them. The insights we obtain will provide guidance for LSPs looking to expand their markets, retain clients, or ensure customer satisfaction.

If you work for a corporate buyer of language services and are interested in contributing to our related research on maturity of the localization function, we invite you to take our survey on Globalization Strategy and Governance.


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