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Posted by Rebecca Ray on November 3, 2016  in the following blogs: Business Globalization, Best Practices
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How can you prove to your management team that their investment in localization is paying off? How do you persuade them to increase your funding? How can you convince them that sustained global growth depends on all corporate functions globalizing their business functions appropriately?

These are just a few of the areas that we're analyzing as CSA Research updates its Localization Maturity ModelTM (LMM) to celebrate its 10th anniversary. As part of this research initiative, we conducted a 48-question survey of 80 global companies in June and July this year. We share below a few pieces of the data we gathered, which will be included in the upcoming Localization Maturity Model 3.0. You can use this information when making your case to executives or when benchmarking the progress that your organization has made over the past year.

  • Global content strategies enable organizations to decide where, what, and how much. Do your executives understand the purpose and recognize the value of such a strategy? If not, get busy building awareness in this area. Why? Because a global content strategy enables you to more quickly decide which markets, which content, and how much of it to adapt and localize based on concrete criteria - not international salespeople's best guesses.

Global Content Strategies Provide Concrete Criteria for Decision-Making
Source: Common Sense Advisory, Inc.

  • Sync local marketing support with localization investment. Your digital marketers pride themselves on the programs developed to engage younger consumers via social media. However, do you have enough local marketing staff to reap the full benefit from localized marketing content and programs? Only 27% of the 80 global companies in our survey pool could confirm that they did, while one-fifth had no idea. From an executive viewpoint, it doesn't make sense to invest in multilingual content or programs that prospects and customers don't consume.
ROI for Localized Content and Programs Depends on In-Country Teams
Source: Common Sense Advisory, Inc.

  • Replace your reactive quality management model with a proactive one. Don't let your quality management model - or the lack thereof - hold you back. A paltry 29% of our survey respondents could claim a proactive quality model to ensure that all content and code are world-ready. There are several strong reasons for avoiding the other categories listed in the figure below. Principal among them are the volume of person-hours and budget resources wasted on fixing design blunders and other errors multiple times in various local versions when they can easily be avoided in the first place. Enough said - this should be an easy argument to win if your executives are determined to make their international revenue numbers.
Proactive Quality Management Models Allow Organizations to Avoid Wasting Resources
Source: Common Sense Advisory, Inc.

With all the focus on global growth in the C-suite these days to support the next generation of customers, more executives are looking for hard data to justify their localization investment. We're in the process of conducting research to link international expansion to areas such as business process globalization, optimum organizational structures, and localization maturity levels. Stay tuned to this space for more hard data that your upper management can use.

If your executives want information on how to more fully optimize the return on their global expansion or to benchmark functional areas across their organization, contact us to evaluate our Localization Maturity Model research and to request a Localization Maturity Assessment.


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