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The World of Language Services Just Keeps Getting Bigger
Posted by Nataly Kelly on May 28, 2010  in the following blogs: Business Globalization, Best Practices, Interpreting, Market Data, Translation and Localization
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Less than two short months ago, we issued a public call for participation in our annual global study of the language services market. Today, we are pleased to announce the publication of our hot-off-the-press ranking of the Top 35 language service providers -- accompanied by a few other noteworthy pieces of new research.

This year, due to popular demand, we're providing an enhanced suite of reports and briefs on the state of the market:
  • A full-length report (members only). Our 52-page report, titled "The Language Services Market: 2010," includes not only the list of the Top 35 language services companies, but a profile of each firm. The report details the current market size and lists the projections for the years to come. We also provide an in-depth description of the methodology we followed to size the market and identify the largest players.

  • The science behind it (members only). In the interest of full transparency, we describe the datasets we used and the calculations we carried out to compute the market size and growth rate in a new brief devoted exclusively to helping readers understand our proprietary algorithm.

  • Regional rankings (members only). For the first time, we have published rankings of the largest companies in eight major areas of the world: Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America, North America, Northern Europe, Southern Europe, and Western Europe.

  • Global ranking of the Top 35 companies (free with registration). As in years past, we are making a free version of the ranking available to the public at large. This four-page extract from the larger 52-page report contains the basics -- the Top 35 ranking and a general description of the market size estimates.

  • Frequently asked questions (public). We're also giving everyone the chance to learn more about our methodology by providing answers to the 32 most common questions about our market size estimates and rankings.
For now, here is a sneak peek at some of our most important findings:
  • As of May 2010, Common Sense Advisory’s database of LSPs contains 23,380 unique records.

  • Common Sense Advisory calculates that the market for outsourced language services is worth US$26.327 billion in 2010.

  • As of 2010, Common Sense Advisory calculates that the language services market is growing at an annual rate of 13.15%.
If you didn't participate in our 2010 study, there's some good news -- we're already recruiting for next year, so register now to make sure you don't miss our next call for participation.

So, who are the biggest players? And how much does the market stand to grow? Read on to find out.


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