Top 100 Language Service Providers: 2016

In CSA Research's 12th annual global industry report, "The Language Services Market: 2016,” we found that the demand for language services and supporting technologies continues and is growing at an annual rate of 5.52%. The global market for language services and technology will surpass US$40 billion in 2016 and we predict that the market will increase to US$45 billion by 2020.

Included in “Language Services Market: 2016” is the ranking of the largest language service providers, as well as regional rankings. Below is the list of the largest 100 translation companies in the world based on revenue.

The full report is available as part of the CSA Research membership. View the report’s table of contents and read the press release.

Our Global 3000 clients use this and other Vendor Management research to help select language service providers. "Evaluating the Operational Maturity of Suppliers" report helps identify and prioritize vendor selection criteria and tips for evaluating RFP responses.

The Top 100 Language Service Providers: 2016

Rank Company Country
 1 Lionbridge US
 2 TransPerfect US
 4 LanguageLine Solutions US
 6 RWS Group GB
 7 Welocalize US
 8 STAR Group CH
 9 Amplexor LU
 10 Moravia CZ
 11 Hogarth Worldwide GB
 12 CyraCom International, Inc. US
 13 RR Donnelley Language Solutions US
 14 Semantix SE
 15 Honyaku Center Inc. JP
 16 Pactera Technology International Limited CN
 17 Ubiqus FR
 18 Keywords Studios GB
 19 Logos Group IT
 20 Capita Translation and Interpreting GB
 21 Språkservice Sverige AB SE
 22 CSOFT International CN
 23 Merrill Brink International (ULG next year) US
 24 ManpowerGroup Solutions - Language Services US
 25 KERN Global Language Services DE
 26 Crestec Inc. JP
 27 CTS Languagelink US
 28 SeproTec Multilingual Solutions ES
 29 Verztec Consulting Pte Ltd SG
 30 Sajan, Inc. US
 31 Alpha CRC GB
 32 Transvoice Sweden AB SE
 33 LanguageWire A/S DK
 34 Technicis Group FR
 35 Certified Languages International US
 36 Concorde Group NL
 39 AAC Global FI
 40 Sunyu CN
 41 Skrivanek Group CZ
 42 Global Language Solutions US
 43 MasterWord Services, Inc. US
 44 Xplanation Language Services BE
 45 Janus Worldwide AT
 46 24translate GmbH DE
 47 Translate Plus Limited GB
 48 Amesto Translations NO
 49 EC Innovations, Inc. CN
 51 Mother Tongue Writers GB
 52 Apostroph Group CH
 53 ASL Enterprises, LLC US
 54 itl Institut für technische Literatur AG DE
 55 beo Gesellschaft für Sprachen und Technologie GmbH DE
 56 Straker Translations NZ
 57 TRSB Inc. CA
 58 TextMinded A/S DK
 59 Lingo24 Ltd GB
 60 TranslateMedia Limited GB
 61 Interpreters Unlimited, Inc. US
 62 ISI Translation Services US
 63 Transline Gruppe GmbH DE
 64 Dynamic Language US
 65 Human Science Co,. Ltd. JP
 66 HansemEUG, Corp. KR
 67 nlg GmbH DE
 67 Sichuan Lan-bridge Information Tech. Co., Ltd. CN
 68 Arancho Doc IT
 70 Angel Translation Corporation HK
 71 Fasttranslator.com / Snelvertaler BV NL
 72 Lingsoft Group FI
 73 Sandberg Translation Partners Ltd GB
 74 mt-g medical translation GmbH & Co. KG DE
 75 Geneva Worldwide Inc. US
 77 Language Connect GB
 78 Wordbank GB
 79 American Language Services US
 79 Intertext Fremdsprachendienst e.G. DE
 80 Celer Pawlowsky SL (CPSL) ES
 81 Al Media Movers, Inc. AE
 82 WordTech International CN
 83 FBC Global CN
 84 MediaLocate, Inc. US
 84 Kaleidoscope GmbH AT
 85 Neotech RU
 86 Linguitronics Co., Ltd. TW
 86 LIS Solutions (Legal Interpreting Solutions, Inc.) US
 87 TransLink RU
 88 tolingo GmbH DE
 89 EGO Translating Company RU
 90 CETRA Language Solutions US
 91 Transatlantic Translations US
 92 Tetras GmbH DE
 93 Logrus International RU
 94 Enveritas Group, Inc. US
 95 Iota Localisation Services IE
 96 e2f translations, Inc. US
 97 Salita TT AS NO
 98 Propio LS, LLC US
 99 Powerling FR
 100 text & form GmbH DE


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