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Common Sense Advisory in the news

“Time to Raise Your SEO Game” at Inc. magazine    -   April 10, 2017
“The Language Industry” (French) in Les Affaires    -   March 25, 2017
“A 5-Point Checklist for Finding a Translation Management System” at CMSWire    -   March 17, 2017
“How to Optimize the Full Marketing Localization Process” at DigitalDonut    -   March 16, 2017
“A Strategic Approach to Reviewing” in tcwolrd    -   March 02, 2017
“Hyper-global Brands Design Websites as Apps” in Multilingual magazine    -   March 01, 2017
“Tackling the Digital Language Divide” in Digitalist Magazine    -   February 23, 2017
“Why You Should Focus on iOS Localization” at DZone    -   February 15, 2017
“The State of Content Globalization” in EContent magazine    -   February 01, 2017
“5 Reasons Your Brand Should Embrace Localization” in Brandignity    -   January 25, 2017
“A World of Customers is Waiting to Read Your Website in Their Language” at DriveEnterpreneur.com    -   January 22, 2017
"Embracing Interpreting Delivery Platforms" in Multilingual magazine    -   January 01, 2017
"Skype's real-time language translator: Can it really connect the world?" in Christian Science Monitor    -   December 12, 2016
"What Access to Another Language Can Do for Your Business" via AllTopStartups    -   December 02, 2016
"The Calculus of Global Content" in Multilingual magazine    -   December 01, 2016
"Language Technology Leads to Growth for All" via tcworld    -   December 01, 2016
"Zen and the Art of Localizing Code and Content" in EContent magazine    -   December 01, 2016
“Making a Business Case for Localization When There’s Little or no Business to be Had” in Multilingual magazine    -   December 01, 2016
"5 Personalized Marketing Tactics" at RELATE    -   November 22, 2016
"Money talks, but in which language?" via Raconteur    -   November 15, 2016

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