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"Free MT Can Leak Data" in tcworld    -   July 18, 2014
"Underserved Asian Markets" in Multilingual    -   July 18, 2014
"Four Ways to Give Your Website That Local Flavor All Over the World" in MarketingProfs    -   July 10, 2014
"Language Critical to Reaching International Customer Base" The Information Daily    -   July 09, 2014
"Four Techniques to Fast Forward Global E-commerce Sales" in Business2Community    -   July 08, 2014
"Why Marketers Should Consider Localized Mobile Marketing" in Five Technology    -   July 03, 2014
"Brands and personal data: why different countries need different approaches" in TechRadar UK    -   June 23, 2014
"5 things to consider before taking your online business global" in Tamebay    -   June 19, 2014
"Is Localizing Your Marketing Materials Really Necessary? (YES!)" in Direct Marketing News    -   June 17, 2014
"SDL Unveils Language Cloud Translation Platform" in eWeek    -   June 16, 2014
"Multilingual Websites Aren't Always Multilingual" in FierceCFO    -   June 13, 2014
"Website in a Foreign Language May Deter" in eGospodarka    -   May 17, 2014
"Far from lost in translation: S'pore translation firms report slow but steady rise in demand for their services in recent years" in Business Times    -   April 14, 2014
"Turn Real World Environment into Engaging Language Learning Opportunity" in EdTechReview    -   April 11, 2014
"Succeeding With Spanish Website Translation" in Business2Community    -   April 11, 2014
"Want to Take Your e-Commerce Site Global? Think Like a Local" in BusinessNewsDaily    -   April 01, 2014
"New Study Looks into Language Preferences for Global Shoppers" in Multichannel Merchant    -   March 25, 2014
"Report: It's Time to Include Localizers on the Agile Team" in Application Development Trends    -   March 11, 2014
"Western Europe, where language services and demand thrive" in Multilingual    -   March 06, 2014
"Can New York’s translation titan grow to $1 billion?" in SmartCEO    -   February 28, 2014

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