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Common Sense Advisory in the news

"Entering Mobile Gaming Markets in Southeast Asia," in Multilingual magazine    -   June 01, 2016
"How these Fortune 500 Companies are Boosting Growth via Localization" at SocialBarrel    -   May 06, 2016
"Intelligent Content Enterprises (ICEIF) Goes Where no Website Has Gone Before" at Small Cap Network    -   April 28, 2016
"Governments Spend Heavily for Translation and Foreign Language Services" in Government Product News    -   April 26, 2016
"Preparing your team to localize more mobile moments" in Multilingual magazine    -   April 15, 2016
"The Benefits and the No Buenos of Multilingualism" at Nonprofit Technology Network    -   April 12, 2016
"Growth and Compression in Translation Pricing" in Multilingual    -   March 18, 2016
"Xerox's New Printers Include Language Translation Service for $1 a Page" in IT Business Canada    -   March 10, 2016
"Why Google is Investing in Global Translation" in Christian Science Monitor    -   February 18, 2016
"Global Gaming Has a New Frontier" in OZY    -   February 12, 2016
"What Could Advances in Translation Tech Mean for Your Business" in Internet Retailing    -   January 22, 2016
"Why Localization Is More Important than Ever to Japanese Companies" in JTF Journal    -   January 15, 2016
"Soliciting customer feedback in today’s global social world" in intcworld    -   January 05, 2016
"Translating Success: Tips for Multilingual Marketing" at Business News Daily    -   December 07, 2015
"Seven Fastest-growing Industries to Invest in for 2016" at Go Banking Rates    -   December 06, 2015
"Personalize Content for Global Markets" at destinationCRM    -   December 04, 2015
"IBM Cloud Service Translates Apps Into 9 Languages" in eWeek    -   November 27, 2015
"7 Steps To Globalizing Your Content Marketing Program" at Marketing Insider Group    -   November 18, 2015
“One Big thing Back To The Future got Wrong” via kakao media    -   October 29, 2015
"The Future of Translation at the TAUS Conference" via Unbabel    -   October 20, 2015

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