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"The linguistic quality paradox" in Multilingual    -   December 01, 2014
"Lack of Foreign Languages Harms Businesses" at IDG Connect    -   November 11, 2014
"How Important is a Translator for an International Marketing Strategy?" at ClickZ    -   November 11, 2014
"How to write a great app description" at Gamasutra    -   November 05, 2014
"Developing a Multilingual Content Marketing Strategy" in Yahoo! Small Business Advisor    -   November 04, 2014
"Sell in the Language of Your Customers" in Brief magazine    -   October 21, 2014
"VerbalizeIt Raises Seed Round for Translation Services for Businesses" in Wall Street Journal    -   October 13, 2014
"Imperfect Linguistic Genius" in Punkt Magazine    -   October 07, 2014
"Push technology: Why online translation may be Googling interpreters out of a job" in Deutsche Welle    -   October 07, 2014
"Say what? Demand for interpreters, translators spikes" in Seattle Times    -   October 06, 2014
"Building Authentic Experiences on the Internet of Things" at CMS Wire    -   October 06, 2014
"Localization Should Be a Forethought: Five Tips for Success" in MarketingProfs    -   September 26, 2014
"Hospitals Turn to Technology to Tear Down Language Barriers with Patients" in Bloomberg BusinessWeek    -   September 21, 2014
"A World of Customers Is Waiting to Read Your Website in Their Language" in Entrepreneur    -   September 11, 2014
"A World of Customers Is Waiting to Read Your Website in Their Language" in NBC News    -   September 11, 2014
"Digital Marketing Strategy: The Importance of Language" in IDG Connect    -   September 10, 2014
"Language, the Vital Heart of your Brand Strategy" in Brand Quarterly    -   September 10, 2014
"How Life Sciences Companies Can Benefit from the LMM" in Multilingual    -   September 02, 2014
"Translating Into High-dollar Jobs" in Dallas Morning News    -   August 30, 2014
"Building a Global Ecommerce Brand in Time for the Holiday Rush" in Multichannel Merchant    -   August 27, 2014

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