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Common Sense Advisory in the news

"Localising Like a Pro" at Marketing Update    -   January 26, 2015
"Content Translation in the Mobile Era" at Techzone360.com    -   January 26, 2015
"The Cloud: A Translation Business Essential" in Multilingual magazine    -   January 15, 2015
"Mind your Language! Localise Online Portals to Globalise Markets" in Firstpost    -   January 13, 2015
"Can You Afford Not to Localise?" in Digital Marketing Magazine    -   January 06, 2015
"The Opportunity of Language Barriers" at The App Maker    -   January 02, 2015
"Where LSPs should go next to better serve their clients" in Multilingual 2015 Resource Directory    -   January 01, 2015
"Common Mistakes When Translating a Website" at ClickZ    -   December 17, 2014
"Games rule the iTunes App Store: Most popular genres revealed" at Gamasutra    -   December 16, 2014
"Are You Talking the Language of Business?" at IDG Connect    -   December 14, 2014
"Is Your Global Brand Marketing In Your Customer’s Native Language?" at momentology    -   December 11, 2014
"10 Tips to Becoming a Freelance Translator" at Freelance Tips    -   December 07, 2014
"e-commerce: online shoppers prefer to buy in their native language" at Fianza.com    -   December 03, 2014
"The linguistic quality paradox" in Multilingual    -   December 01, 2014
"Looking into the future of language services" at MATI    -   November 19, 2014
"Translation tech helps firms talk business round the world" at BBC News    -   November 13, 2014
"Lack of Foreign Languages Harms Businesses" at IDG Connect    -   November 11, 2014
"How Important is a Translator for an International Marketing Strategy?" at ClickZ    -   November 11, 2014
"How to write a great app description" at Gamasutra    -   November 05, 2014
"Developing a Multilingual Content Marketing Strategy" in Yahoo! Small Business Advisor    -   November 04, 2014

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