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"Don't let the wrong choice of words hurt your e-commerce strategy" in Travolution    -   May 20, 2015
"From customer reviews towards active dialogue in international e-commerce" in Trusted Shops Germany magazine    -   May 01, 2015
"The importance of getting language right in international PR" at CIPR.com    -   April 30, 2015
"Multi-Language & SEO Tools for International Ecommerce" in Upshot Commerce    -   April 23, 2015
"On-site contractors can be a lifesaver" in MultiLingual    -   April 01, 2015
"Six Key Steps to Global (Marketing) Domination" via Marketo    -   March 31, 2015
"Skype Translator Arrives in April: Here is how it works" (in Italian) via Italy 24    -   March 30, 2015
"Reaching Global Markets: 4 Marketing Strategies to Compete on the World Stage" via The Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce    -   March 25, 2015
"10 Questions to Ask Before Going Multilingual" at Search Engine Land    -   March 24, 2015
"4 Tips for a Global E-Commerce Strategy" at ClickZ    -   March 13, 2015
"Salesforce Desk.com: now available in over 50 languages" at Digital Business - Cloud    -   March 03, 2015
"7 Global Content Marketing Do's and Don'ts" via DM News    -   February 20, 2015
"Moravia and New Directions" via Multilingual    -   February 20, 2015
"Need that Contract in Dutch and Urdu?" at Israel21c    -   February 19, 2015
"Term of the Week: Machine Translation" in The Language of Content Strategy    -   February 19, 2015
"Want some seriously loyal contract workers? Take a page from CSOFT founder Shunee Yee's book" via Bizjournals.com    -   February 18, 2015
"Ecommerce Multilingual Translation System to Penetrate International Markets" in US Markets Daily Publications & Media    -   February 11, 2015
"Lost in translation: do interpreter apps work?" in BBC News    -   February 10, 2015
Say what? Technology may not replace human translators, but it will help them work better" in The Economist    -   February 07, 2015
"Localising Like a Pro" at Marketing Update    -   January 26, 2015

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