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Common Sense Advisory in the news

"In Translation: More multilingual workers needed" in Philadelphia Inquirer    -   August 10, 2015
"Adopting Regional Strategies for Spanish-speaking Audiences" in Multilingual magazine    -   August 01, 2015
"Localising Content is not a License to be Lazy" at The Marketing Site    -   July 29, 2015
"Helpful Tips for International SEO" in Inc. magazine    -   July 28, 2015
"Web boom in the interpreting market which will be over 47M in 2018" in adnkronos (Italian)    -   July 25, 2015
"Brands Must Cater More to Global Shopping Behaviors" in Business2Community    -   July 25, 2015
"The Benefits of Translating your Website into other Languages" in Tech.Co    -   July 14, 2015
"Language Becomes a New Frontier in Digital Commerce" in Digital Journal    -   July 11, 2015
"Should Your Hotel Go Global or Go Local? Or both?" at REACH    -   July 01, 2015
"Software Localisation: Challenging, but Comes with Promise" in Test Magazine    -   July 01, 2015
"How Customer Experience Fails Impact Brands" at BizReport    -   June 10, 2015
"Global Customer Experience Increasingly Comes Down to Content But Not Just in English" in Daily News London    -   June 08, 2015
"Do We Need Linguistic Technologies Businesses" in PCWeek, Russia (in Russian)    -   June 02, 2015
"Localization Checklist for Mobile Games Developers" in Multilingual magazine    -   June 01, 2015
"2016 Candidates Need More Than Spanish To Win The Latino Vote" at Huffington Post    -   May 22, 2015
"Don't let the wrong choice of words hurt your e-commerce strategy" in Travolution    -   May 20, 2015
"From customer reviews towards active dialogue in international e-commerce" in Trusted Shops Germany magazine    -   May 01, 2015
"The importance of getting language right in international PR" at CIPR.com    -   April 30, 2015
"Multi-Language & SEO Tools for International Ecommerce" in Upshot Commerce    -   April 23, 2015
"Is Your Web CMS Truly Global?" in EContent magazine    -   April 14, 2015

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