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"Buyer Colloquium: Building Interoperable Systems and Processes"  - October 18, 2018
LocWorld38 (Seattle, WA)

"Assessing Translation with DQF-MQM Error Typology"  - October 17, 2018
LocWorld38 (Seattle, WA)

"Follow the Data – The Business"  - October 15, 2018
TAUS Data Summit (Seattle, WA)

"Data Projects - Let’s Get Going"  - October 15, 2018
TAUS Data Summit (Seattle, WA)

"Globalization Preparedness: The Changing Demand for Language Services and Technology"  - September 12, 2018
Innovation Summit (San Francisco, CA) 

"Buy-side Colloquium: AI in International Operations and Content Strategy"  - June 07, 2018
LocWorld37 (Warsaw, Poland)

"How Localization Requirements Change for Less Economically Important Languages"  - May 17, 2018
IMUG (San Jose, CA)

"The Collision of Quality and Technology with Reality"  - March 19, 2018
AMTA Conference (Boston, MA)

"Augmented Translation: A New Approach to Combining Human and Machine Capabilities"  - March 18, 2018
AMTA Conference (Boston, MA)

"Tutorial | MQM-DQF: A Good Marriage (Translation Quality for the 21st Century)"  - March 17, 2018
AMTA Conference (Boston, MA)

"Toward True Partnership: Upgrading the Traditional Client-Supplier Engagement Model"  - March 15, 2018
GALA Conference (Boston, MA)

"Globalization Preparedness: The Changing Demand for Language Services and Technology"  - March 14, 2018
GALA Conference (Boston, MA)

"Keynote: Industry trends"  - December 07, 2017
ND Focus (Prague, Czech Republic)

"Exploring the New Frontiers of Language and AI"  - November 29, 2017
Gilbane (Boston, Massachusetts)

"Gender and Family: How Does the Language Services Industry Fare?"  - October 19, 2017
IMUG (Menlo Park, California)

"Managing Information Overload with a Pragmatic Global Content Strategy"  - September 19, 2017
Scott Abel (Webinar)

"Localization procurement in the age of the cloud, micro services and AI"  - May 31, 2017
XTM LIVE (San Mateo, California)

"Where Do I Go to Keep Up with the Ever-changing Localization Industry?"  - May 16, 2017
LocWorld34  (Barcelona, Spain)

"Buy-side Colloquium: Localization Maturity Model 3.0 — Why Benchmarking Globalization Matters in a Continuous Delivery World"  - May 15, 2017
LocWorld34  (Barcelona, Spain)

"The Link between LSP Maturity and Repeatable Sales Success"  - May 15, 2017
LocWorld34  (Barcelona, Spain)

"Engaging with Global Audiences: Who’s Leading Today with Contemporary Language Practices and Technologies?"  - November 30, 2016
Gilbane (Boston, MA)

"Engaging Global Audiences: What’s on the Horizon for Language Practices, Capabilities, and Technologies?"  - November 30, 2016
Gilbane (Boston, MA)

"Machine Translation Enables LSP Growth"  - October 28, 2016
LocWorld (Montreal, Canada)

"Buy-side Colloquium: The Journey from Multiple Sources to Multiple Targets"  - October 27, 2016
LocWorld (Montreal, Québec)

"What Makes a Good Localization According to Russian and Chinese Players"  - October 27, 2016
LocWorld (Montreal, Canada)
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