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Localization Maturity Assessment 

Meeting the expectations of your prospects and customers in global markets is a tough job. You might already be responsible for this job and feel like you’re doing a good job. Or maybe you’re working in this area and think your company could be doing much better. Or maybe your company is considering a new globalization initiative or revamping the current one. Regardless of where you are in this journey, you should recognize one important fact – to succeed, you have to meet the buying expectations of your people in your target markets. You have to make them want to buy from you, continue to satisfy them and thus get a better return on your globalization investment.

Global marketing, sales, and support is a tough undertaking. How do you know if you’re doing a good job? 

  • What do you measure to show your performance?
  • How efficient are your globalization efforts?
  • Are your processes optimized?
  • Do you have the right technology to support your efforts?
  • Is your strategy is aligned with corporate goals?
  • Does your management understand what you are doing and why?
  • Do you have the right level of management buy-in and support?”
  • How well do you stack up against industry leaders? What are they doing differently?
  • When all is said and done, are you getting the best return on your investment?
Well, a Localization Maturity Assessment can tell you.  

CSA Research offers the Localization Maturity Assessment, a basic 360° review of the localization and translation function inside an organization. The LMA is based on the Localization Maturity Model developed by CSA, a proven method of determining the maturity of a company’s globalization efforts.

The assessment frequently includes broader globalization, including: global content strategy development; content internationalization standards, processes, technologies, organizational responsibilities; vertical evangelization to execs; horizontal evangelization across organizations; globalization funding models; and globalization organization structures.

The Assessment may be limited to a single group, to a centralized localization and translation group, or to multiple groups carrying out similar functions across an enterprise. 

An LMA consists of the following basic steps, typically conducted over the course of four to six weeks:

  • Engagement with the globalization or localization manager
  • Evaluation of relevant materials (org charts, process docs, charters, etc.)
  • On-site and remote interviews and surveys (with localization managers, their reports, their management, select executives, and major stakeholders)
  • Analysis of acquired information, using the LMM as a guide
  • Preparation of a report outlining issues, identifying major recommendations on improvement activities, and assessing the maturity level of the organization 
  • Optional presentations to various stakeholders 

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Val Ziegler

Localization Maturity Assessment Specialist

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