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Localization Vendor Management

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Every company that we talk with tells us that they struggle with the best model for procuring, organizing, managing, and measuring their language partners. This report identifies issues that all localization vendor managers face. It outlines the drivers for and describes the emerging practice of vendor management for language services such as localization, translation, and supporting services such as testing and desktop publishing.

This report provides vendor managers with proof that "you are not alone." It also educates suppliers on the difficulties that localization vendor managers face. We have long observed a disconnect between the expectations of buyers and sellers. This report should help each to better understand the other. The Vox Populi section outlines common practices, and the Analysis section describes best practices for vendor management.

In General: Localization vendor management is a little researched aspect of business globalization. This report, along with others from Common Sense Advisory, provides both buyers and suppliers with information that will help them both improve their relationships and the work they do
For Buyers: Vendor managers will better understand how to find, manage, monitor, and improve relationships with their language service providers.
For Suppliers: Language service providers will learn what buyers expect of them.

Physical Details
Authors: Donald A. DePalma and Renato S. Beninatto
Date: 18 February 2008
ISBN: 978-1-933555-49-2
Pages: 27

Table of Contents
  • Topic
    • Localization Vendor Management Is Poised for Improvement
    • How We Researched this Report
  • Vox Populi
    • Localization Vendor Management Defined
    • Vendor Managers Share Common Concerns
    • Which Vendor Management Model Works Best?
      • Companies Start by Managing Vendors Badly and Disconnectedly
      • Localization Teams Evolve to More Centrally Managed Oversight
      • Companies Want to Consolidate Localization Spending
    • How Companies Qualify Translators and Language Service Providers
    • Nobody Buys Services without the Right Language-Domain Match
    • Business Issues Form a Backdrop for Vendor Selection
    • Experts Contract with Vendors and Negotiate the Fine Print Vendor Managers Use Technology as a Unifying Principle
    • An Ongoing Challenge and Debate: Measuring Quality
    • New Horizons for Translation and Localization Vendor Managers
    • Marketing the Importance of Translation to the Company
    • Trying to Improve Translation by Fixing Other People's Problems
    • Conclusions
  • Analysis
    • Organization: The Best Model Depends on Company Needs
    • Choosing Suppliers: Design Your Decision Matrix

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