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The European Translation Market
Main Sectors and Drivers for Language Services in Europe
by Rocio Txabarriaga, Nataly Kelly, November 30, 2009, 52 Pages View abstract 
This report goes beyond an overview of the status of the market to provide a strategic analysis of business data targeted to suppliers and buyers of language services. We estimate the size of the European language services market based on 37 main categories . . .
For European-Chinese Relations, English is Pivotal
by Rocio Txabarriaga, November 24, 2009, 4 Pages View abstract 
Landing Pages - There is no denying China’s growing importance on the global stage. China is investing more and more outside its borders – in numerous African countries, in many South America nations, and across the European continent. How . . .
Best Practices for Client Review Processes
by Rocio Txabarriaga, October 08, 2009, 7 Pages View abstract 
Language service providers (LSPs) frequently ask us about the best ways to handle the client review process for translation and localization. These questions often arise as a result of a prickly situation with the buyer-appointed reviewers. The problem . . .
Translation Work and the European Union
by Nataly Kelly, Rocio Txabarriaga, September 30, 2009, 4 Pages View abstract 
What does a language service provider (LSP) need to know in order to work with the largest public provider of translation services in the world? In this Quick Take, we reveal the findings from our interview with Juhani (Karl-Johan) Lönnroth, the . . .
Translation Forums Proliferate, as Do Wild Guesses
by Rocio Txabarriaga, September 07, 2009, 2 Pages View abstract 
When searching for appropriate linguistic equivalents, individuals sometimes rely on web-based forums ("fora" to Latin scholars). Online dictionary sites can be useful, but these resources are frequented by all types of users -- from senior certified . . .
Third-Party Lexicons Enrich Internal Resources
by Rocio Txabarriaga, August 02, 2009, 8 Pages View abstract 
Public lexicons can be a bit like buried treasure. The right map can lead you to a wealth of data that you can feed into termbases and machine translation (MT) programs to statistically increase the number of entries and matches and refine output. When . . .
Recruiting for Languages of Limited Demand
by Nataly Kelly, Rocio Txabarriaga, April 09, 2009, 4 Pages View abstract 
An urgent message comes in from the sales team, "Do we support Green Hmong? The prospect specified that he does not want White Hmong." Questions like these come across the desks of many suppliers – lately, with greater frequency than ever before . . .
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