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Gender in Language Services: Latin America
by CSA Research, July 25, 2018, 10 Pages View abstract 
Click on the title to download this research (no registration required). Issues related to gender are highly contentious, with implications for both governmental and organizational policy. This report builds on CSA Research’s previous pro bono . . .
CSA Research Survey on Gender and Family in the Language Services Industry: Overall Findings
by CSA Research, June 07, 2017, 42 Pages View abstract 
. . .
Create a Winning Compensation Plan for Salespeople
by Hélène Pielmeier, April 28, 2015, 8 Pages View abstract 
How do you compensate salespeople responsible for generating your company’s revenue? A successful compensation plan benefits both salespeople and your company. Make sure that it is aligned with your sales goals and objectives – such as acquiring . . .
Guide to Competitive Compensation Practices
by Hélène Pielmeier, May 15, 2014, 4 Pages View abstract 
How much should you pay a sales representative or project manager? To help language service providers with this fundamental issue, Common Sense Advisory conducted a large-scale survey of compensation at LSPs in early 2014. In our resulting report, we . . .
The State of Compensation at LSPs: 2014
What Employees of Language Service Providers Earn
by Hélène Pielmeier, Donald A. DePalma, May 15, 2014, 80 Pages View abstract 
Executives at language service providers need to invest wisely in people. When they pay low wages, they may lose good employees to the competition or to other industries that pay more. Yet if they offer packages that are too generous, their profitability . . .
An LSP’s Guide to Account Management
How to Create the Right Structure to Retain and Grow Existing Accounts
by Hélène Pielmeier, Rebecca Ray, September 03, 2013, 38 Pages View abstract 
Language service providers (LSPs) often fail to move beyond standard project management interactions to develop strong, long-term relationships with their clients. Salespeople are busy going after new buyers while the production team concentrates on project . . .
Are You Ready for Fair Trade Translation?
by Hélène Pielmeier, June 10, 2013, 5 Pages View abstract 
In this day and age, fair and ethical trade practices are an issue for companies in nearly every industry. However, while buyers of translation services might ask about the origin of the coffee in their double latte, they rarely question how their translations . . .
How LSPs Can Create Flexible Career Paths
by Hélène Pielmeier, April 11, 2013, 8 Pages View abstract 
Executives at language service providers (LSPs) don’t owe their employees a career path. However, developing a career planning program is sound business practice. This brief covers: 1) why you need career paths; 2) why your staff expects . . .
How to Add Post-Edited MT to Your Service Offerings
by Donald A. DePalma, March 11, 2013, 5 Pages View abstract 
Many language service providers (LSPs) turn to machine translation (MT) to lower production costs or decrease turnaround times. Meanwhile, buyer demand for more content in more languages - but with flat budgets - increases pressure on LSPs to offer some . . .
Measuring the Productivity of Project Managers
by Benjamin B. Sargent, Vijayalaxmi Hegde, December 16, 2011, 5 Pages View abstract 
Language service providers (LSPs) often ask how they can measure and improve the productivity of their project managers (PMs). Owners and executives reckon that measuring the efficiency of PMs can tell you a lot about the health of the firm and that improving . . .
Advice for LSP Hiring Managers: Broaden the Pool
by Rebecca Ray, August 30, 2011, 4 Pages View abstract 
There are more people seeking jobs this year than there were last year in many countries, but that doesn't mean they match your hiring profiles. This brief outlines how hiring managers at language service providers (LSPs) can achieve their goals, even . . .
How to Attract More Job Applicants for In-House Teams
by Rebecca Ray, August 30, 2011, 3 Pages View abstract 
Finding and retaining the most qualified candidates for your company is a challenge in the best of times. These, obviously, are not the best of times. Hiring managers face real barriers to building sustainable teams. This brief outlines how to reach more . . .
Are Localization Employees in a Rut?
by Donald A. DePalma, August 25, 2011, 3 Pages View abstract 
How often do localization and translation team members take other jobs inside their organizations? According to respondents to our survey on best practices, not that often. This tendency means that localization managers can’t refresh their teams . . .
Training for Localization Professionals: Who Pays?
by Nataly Kelly, Vijayalaxmi Hegde, March 17, 2011, 3 Pages View abstract 
In August and September 2010, Common Sense Advisory conducted a web-based survey of 1,037 translation, localization, and globalization professionals around the globe. In this brief, we discuss the current state of training for localization and translation . . .
Language Services Industry Compensation
What Translation and Localization Professionals Earn
by Nataly Kelly, Rebecca Ray, Robert G. Stewart, September 30, 2010, 54 Pages View abstract 
What do localization and translation professionals earn? Which countries pay their workers the most? What benefits are typical? How have salaries and compensation packages changed over the past few years? Based on a survey of 1,037 individuals in 64 countries, . . .
How To Recruit Translation Salespeople
by Doug Lawrence, Nataly Kelly, August 16, 2010, 4 Pages View abstract 
Language service providers (LSPs) frequently ask us where they can find top sales talent. In addition to requesting names of industry recruiters, they often ask us whether they should hire salespeople with experience in the translation industry or from . . .
The Interpreting Marketplace
A Study of Interpreting in North America
by Nataly Kelly, Robert G. Stewart, Vijayalaxmi Hegde, June 21, 2010, 88 Pages View abstract 
How much do interpreters earn? What is the average hourly rate? How common is it to charge for travel time? These and other questions are answered in this detailed, comprehensive review of the North American market for interpreting services across all . . .
Wages of Localization -- Redux
by Renato S. Beninatto, Donald A. DePalma, July 26, 2007, 16 Pages View abstract 
This report presents more data gathered for our salary survey, "Wages of Localization." Here we offer additional analysis and commentary on salary ranges by position and region and overall job satisfaction by position and region. . . .
Wages of Localization
Worldwide Survey of Salary and Employment Practices for Language Professionals
by Renato S. Beninatto, Donald A. DePalma, April 09, 2007, 36 Pages View abstract 
In this report we analyze the results of a multilingual global survey that yielded responses from 45 countries. In 27 graphs and 3 tables, the report paints a picture of the labor pool in language-related activities both on the buyer and the vendor side . . .
Wages of Translation
Selling Translation Services
by Renato S. Beninatto, Donald A. DePalma, May 01, 2003, 16 Pages View abstract 
How much should language service providers pay their sales reps? Sales executives anguish over the right mix of base, bonus, and accelerators. "Wages of Translation" reports on the results of a survey and analysis of best practices for paying the people . . .
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