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Data Visualization Series
by Hélène Pielmeier, February 15, 2018, 1 Pages View abstract 
CSA Research produced a series of data visualizations to enable language service providers to benchmark their organization. It is based on 486 survey responses conducted for CSA Research’s 13th annual report on the “The Language Services Market: . . .
11 Mistakes LSPs Make in Technology Adoption
by Benjamin B. Sargent, January 15, 2018, 8 Pages View abstract 
This report identifies 11 mistakes that LSPs make in formulating strategy for technology adoption along the route from buying to building software. For each, we describe the mistake and its context, identify the leading or current indicators of the problem . . .
The State of Project Management at LSPs
by Hélène Pielmeier, November 30, 2017, 9 Pages View abstract 
Project management is the cornerstone of most language service providers that rely on human skills to coordinate translation or interpreting jobs. CSA Research conducted a survey of more than 350 individuals who manage PM teams at LSPs. In this report, . . .
Taking the Plunge: Why Develop Software?
by Benjamin B. Sargent, Arle Lommel, November 20, 2017, 11 Pages View abstract 
The decision to develop software in-house is a difficult one for many LSPs. Although some begin early in their history, others wait until they have a more mature business before they create their first proprietary solutions. It’s a delicate balance: . . .
Tech-Savvy Providers Nail the LSP Metrix
by Benjamin B. Sargent, Arle Lommel, Hélène Pielmeier, May 31, 2017, 17 Pages View abstract 
Technology plays a vital role for language service providers, yet deciding how much and when to invest in language or business tools is difficult for them. Technology adoption increases as LSPs mature and is widely perceived to speed that process. However, . . .
Why Benchmarking Buyer Maturity Matters for LSPs
by Rebecca Ray, Hélène Pielmeier, February 23, 2017, 7 Pages View abstract 
Recognizing buyer maturity levels and incorporating them into your strategy and solution delivery processes are essential to your business. Doing so enables you to: 1) identify the right prospects; 2) nurture leads with relevant messaging; 3) win opportunities . . .
How LSPs Can Remove Waste in the Process
by Hélène Pielmeier, September 21, 2016, 6 Pages View abstract 
Like a leaky faucet, a process that creates losses here and there can amount to a big bill at the end. Yet, most language service providers pay very little attention to subtle waste, even when they abide by quality management systems . . .
The Language Services Market: 2016
Annual Review of the Services and Technology Industry That Supports the Delivery of Translation, Localization, and Interpreting
by Donald A. DePalma, Hélène Pielmeier, Robert G. Stewart, Stephen Henderson, June 30, 2016, 100 Pages View abstract 
People around the world prefer communicating in their native tongue. That fact will drive the language industry to US$40 billion in revenue for 2016. To support this growth, language service and technology providers are extending their repertoire beyond . . .
The Paths to Differentiation
by Hélène Pielmeier, June 29, 2016, 6 Pages View abstract 
How well can a language service provider without a unique selling proposition (USP) stand out against the competition? Our research shows that undifferentiated LSPs have a harder time catching prospects’ attention to emerge as a logical solution . . .
Managing Transitions in the LSP Metrix Model
by Hélène Pielmeier, May 31, 2016, 8 Pages View abstract 
LSP MetrixTM is a CSA Research assessment methodology for evaluating the level of maturity of language service providers. It details the progression of companies as their business and operational maturity evolves over six stages. The most ambitious . . .
Evaluating the Operational Maturity of Suppliers
How to Apply the LSP MetrixTM Model during Vendor Selection and Management
by Hélène Pielmeier, Donald A. DePalma, Rebecca Ray, February 25, 2016, 126 Pages View abstract 
Based on the successful adoption of the Localization Maturity Model (LMM) developed by CSA Research for buyers of language services, we now offer a similar model, LSP MetrixTM, to evaluate the maturity of LSPs. It provides 70 evaluation factors, grouped . . .
Get Your Company on the Fast Track
by Hélène Pielmeier, August 28, 2015, 5 Pages View abstract 
In CSA Research’s investigation into the maturity of language service providers, we identified a category of companies that doesn’t fit the mainstream LSP model. We characterize them as “fast-track LSPs” that are on an accelerated . . .
LSP Metrix
A Business and Operational Maturity Model for Language Service Providers
by Hélène Pielmeier, Donald A. DePalma, August 28, 2015, 124 Pages View abstract 
What does it take to succeed as a service provider in the fast-paced language services industry? LSPs come in all shapes and sizes, yet no single element defines a successful company. This extreme variability begs for structure and definition. As a result . . .
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