CSA Research analysis of the next generation of TMS solutions: CSA Research’s plan for its continuing analysis of the translation management system (TMS) market and why TMS live is no longer accessible on our website. In 2005, CSA Research coined the term "translation management system" in place of the then common "globalization management system." In our 2008 analysis of the market, we provided a complete typology of the TMS segment and then launched TMS Live in 2010.

Every year since 2010, CSA Research’s TMS Live service has helped hundreds of companies identify best-fit solutions for their translation management system needs. Since then, we have tracked the TMS evolution that we predicted in 2008 – the race to support the same features. During this period, as TMS buyers came together around a set of standard operating models, competing software vendors added support for the same set of core features.

In the future, how will vendors differentiate, given that they all support a similar set of features?

Over the last few years, TMS selection decisions are increasingly based not on feature lists but rather on business issues like interoperability, scalability, and security. In some cases, these criteria already trump feature requirements as the basis for technology selection. Thus, feature completeness, which was the basis for scoring in TMS Live, is now a nice-to-have. Infrastructure capabilities and compatibilities are now the must-have elements, even for cloud deployments.

In 2014 we began categorizing these new requirements along the two axes of our MarketFlex™ analysis, product capability and business sustainability. Last year we broadened our analysis of language technologies in the TechStack™ Series. This year we begin our coverage of Unified Language Platforms and Enterprise Content Brokers, which subsume the recent generations of TMS within a broader category of business and enterprise software. Over the coming weeks and months, we will release several reports that describe the new world that TMS inhabits, mapping out the road ahead for developers and users alike.

CSA Research continues to advise enterprises, governments, NGO, and LSP clients on technology selection decisions. Our coverage of language technology is broader and deeper than ever before.

Our analysts are taking briefings with ISVs to position them in our next-generation typology. TMS vendors that were listed in TMS Live should continue to brief us on your new products and new software releases.

We look forward to helping vendors with continued insight, strategic planning, and go-to-market strategies for your language management solutions.

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The Future of TMS

Watch CSA Research’s analysts present on the future of TMS followed by a Q&A session with Buyers, LSPs and Tech Vendors.

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