Gender And Family Research Series

The Role and Impact of Gender and Family in the Language Services Industry

Issues related to gender, the workplace, and family are among the most important social and political concerns today. Language services – translation, localization, interpreting, and related tasks – are frequently seen as a female-dominated profession, but little data has been available to compare with other industries.

"Gender and Family in the Language Services Industry” is the first in a series of CSA Research reports dealing with gender and family issues among those who are employed in the language industry or who work with language services. It covers high level issues concerning men’s and women’s experience with the workplace and family/work-life balance. Based on 2,200 global responses, the report shines light on topics ranging from pay to personality to promotions.

The data from this research separates perception from reality. 

  • What region of the world has the lowest language services gender pay gap?
  • Should gender balance be mandatory in the hiring process?
  • Which gender has experienced discrimination – either positive or negative – based on specific personal characteristics?
  • Who are more likely to reduce work hours, take time off, quit jobs, or turn down promotions to care for family members? 

“Gender and Family in the Language Services Industry,” and subsequent reports, is available for free with registration. 

A special thank you to GALA and Women in Localization for their assistance on this project.

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