Pro Bono Gender And Family Research Series

The Role and Impact of Gender and Family in the Language Services Industry in Latin America

CSA Research relaunched the pro bono gender survey in Latin America earlier this year, this time translated into Spanish and Portuguese, generating 600 responses from the region and resulting in over 2,600 total responses.

The open-access results (download here) confirm the need for regional knowledge. The findings provide objective and reliable information about how women and men involved in the industry perceive these issues across North America, Europe, and Latin America.

The Role and Impact of Gender and Family in the Language Services Industry

Based on 2,100 global responses, the recent CSA Research survey on gender and family in the language services shines light on topics ranging from pay to personality to promotions. By providing hard numbers, this data helps move the discussion past anecdotes to focus on concrete facts.

  • The world-wide language services gender pay gap is 19%
  • The gender gap is lowest in North America, but higher in Europe
  • Majorities believe that gender issues do not affect them personally.
  • Women are more likely to prefer legal remedies to gender issues.
Continue the discussion. Download the summary report and data slices.

A special thank you to GALA and Women in Localization for their assistance on this project.

Dig Deeper with Interactive Data

With over 2,100 responses, these datasets provide additional insight into the role of gender and family in language services, with breakouts by region, employer type, and company size for further comparisons.

Click the blue modules below to download interactive data.

Organization Size (Large vs. Small)

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Behind the Scenes

Our Methodology

The Challenges

Survey Complexity

Handling Bias

Defining Gender

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