Machine Translation for Human Innovation

Machine Translation (MT) enables enterprises to provide more multilingual content on-demand. The newest MT technologies use big data and artificial intelligence to help enterprises and LSPs alike meet the ever-rising demands for translation and content adaptation while reducing cost and time to delivery.

The "augmented translation" model harnesses the strength of MT technology while giving linguists more control over their work.

How Augmented Translation Changes Everything

The language industry is on the cusp of a major revolution that will profoundly change how translators work. This new model - augmented translation - moves translators to the center of multilingual content production while increasing the value and the quality of their work.

Learn how this shift will affect the industry and your business. This complimentary, data-driven CSA Research webinar draws on primary quantitative and qualitative surveys and interviews with 902 implementers of MT systems - language service providers (LSPs), technology developers, and content creators - and over 3,000 global consumers.

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Our comprehensive primary research focuses on What, When and How to implement MT. We cover:

  • How to embrace MT
  • Types of MT systems
  • How to select MT systems
  • How MT connects to other language technologies
  • How enterprises deploy MT to meet their content needs
  • How LSPs and language professionals work with MT
  • The positive relationship between MT strategies and LSPs' growth

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The Story Behind Our MT Research

From the rise of statistical MT to the emergence of neural machine translation, CSA Research has provided data-driven research on machine translation and AI for over ten years.  Based on quantitative and qualitative surveys and interviews with 902 enterprises and LSPs that adopt, translate with, and use technology, and over 3,000 public consumers of MT, we provide a holistic approach to MT and its role in tearing down language barriers.

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