2018 Top Ranking Language Services Market Promotional Badges

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Displaying your Language Services Market badge(s) to promote awareness helps you improve name recognition and branding presence with global players. This is especially important when you’re entering new markets, targeting new clients, or retaining and growing existing accounts. Incorporate the badge into all of your promotional materials – electronic and print – to differentiate your company from its competitors:

  • Display the badge on your website
  • Integrate the badge into social media and press offerings
  • Create content around the badge to enhance SEO results
  • Include the badge in corporate marketing materials
  • Use the badge in blogs, newsletters, and other company communications
  • Print the badge on business cards
  • Refer to the badge during sales presentations
  • Add the badge to e-mail signatures
  • Incorporate the badge into posters for conferences and events

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2018 Ranking Badges: Top 100


2018 Ranking Badges: Regional


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