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The massive volumes of content, variability of languages, and demand for rapid turnaround require both language service providers (LSPs) and in-house global content teams to use a wide array of sophisticated technologies. CSA Research created the TechStack™ reports to provide a comprehensive overview of the most important and valuable product categories.

TechStack™ Highlights

  • 4 reports
  • 75+ pages of content
  • 25+ tables & figures
  • all primary research

To help you understand which technologies matter the most in your drive toward automation, we began a systematic analysis of the most important solutions including machine translation, interpreting management systems, translation quality and in-context review, and terminology management.

TechStack: Translation Quality and In-Context Review Tools: These tools assist linguists in identifying errors in translated content and fixing them. They play a vital role in helping translation providers and requesters alike understand how well translations meet expectation and what it takes to improve them. 

TechStack: Interpreting Management Systems: These applications schedule and manage interpreting assignments, whether on-site or remote. They provide efficiencies that are vital to coordinate large volumes of scheduled interpreting assignments.

TechStack: Machine Translation: Machine translation software automatically produces translations of text without human intervention. It has become an essential part of many corporate strategies for content globalization.

TechStack: Terminology Management (to be published): The use of terminology management tools and processes enables global enterprises and language service providers to re-purpose content and translations at sub-segment levels or so-called micro-content levels.

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