MarketFlex for Comprehensive TMS
by Benjamin B. Sargent, Donald A. DePalma
November 24, 2014
November 24, 2014

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Prospective buyers deserve objective third-party inputs to their own planning process. This MarketFlex™ report adds a new and important level of market research for language technology, equivalent to that afforded to other major software markets. We provide this research in order to de-mystify the TMS landscape and identify critical differences in the approach and capabilities of the vendors and systems. In combination with TMS Live, MarketFlex fills a gap in technology research for our industry. 

A MarketFlex is a data visualization with written assessments, documenting Common Sense Advisory’s analysis of competing software solutions in a specific category of language technology. Our analysts evaluate systems and vendors along two axes, “product viability” and “company sustainability,” using a proprietary methodology. The resulting scores provide data coordinates for plotting the solutions onto a grid, showing relative market strengths and weaknesses.

In addition to measuring the feature strength of software platforms as they exist today, MarketFlex™ evaluates each vendor’s current state of corporate development. The graphical presentation of data shows the current market position of the product itself along the vertical axis. The horizontal placement indicates the potential of a solution to increase its market share in the next three years. The resulting grid point indicates that solution’s position in the global market for comprehensive TMS, from the customer’s perspective.  CSA Research characterizes the vendors found in these four areas: Market LeaderNext WaveEstablishment, and New/Niche players. 

Our proprietary methodology builds on a decade of research into the business process and technology of translation management. The analysis draws on data from five sources: 

  • TMS Live. This proprietary online tool documents the current features and functions in each platform. After vendors update their platform with new features, CSA Research conducts a conference call to vet the new data. In September and October 2014, we updated the records of 23 TMS solutions in TMS Live, including all solutions evaluated in the “MarketFlex for Comprehensive TMS” report (Nov14).
    Product demos. We reviewed live demos of each product between June and October 2014. 
  • Executive interviews. We conducted in depth interviews of one or more executives for each participating vendor, to analyze product and corporate strategies.  
  • Customer survey. We surveyed 686 TMS users in September and October 2014 about satisfaction with their current primary platform. We asked respondents about a wide range of issues, including product performance, support from the vendor, and return on investment. 
  • Web searches and website reviews. We performed extensive searches to determine the online visibility of the solutions and gathered additional data from corporate and industry websites.

  • Global Leaders
  • Technology Vendors
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