Translation Services and Software in the Cloud
by Donald A. DePalma, Benjamin B. Sargent
January 18, 2013
January 18, 2013

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Have you ever shared a spreadsheet in Google Docs? Played your music from iCloud? Or used Salesforce or LinkedIn to manage relationships? Then you’ve used the cloud. In various forms it has been part of our business and personal lives for the last decade. Not surprisingly, translation tools and services have found their way to the cloud.

While everyone talks about the cloud, we wanted to find out what they mean by it and who is doing what. Common Sense Advisory conducted a survey with 257 buyers and suppliers of language technology and services about their experiences with translation offerings that were not installed on their own computers or networks. In this report we share what they told us.

In our survey, we defined the cloud very broadly. We included all kinds of off-premise solutions, ranging from hosted systems to software-as-a-service to private and public clouds to web-based portals at language service providers. This definition follows the general use of the term that we have observed in the language services sector. Our survey discovered that many buyers and suppliers have used cloud-based technologies to buy, perform, review, or manage translation. However, we also found that most respondents were not convinced that these systems are ready for prime time.

The report includes three sections: 1) Findings, in which we outline the results of the survey; 2) Analysis in which we discuss what those results mean to language service providers considering software solutions in the cloud; and 3) the Implications, where we highlight the impact of the cloud.

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