TechStack: Terminology Extraction
by Arle Lommel, Donald A. DePalma
July 18, 2018
July 18, 2018

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Identifying and extracting terminology is a vital function in digitalization efforts and semantically enriching content for both language services providers and enterprise content creators. Terminology extraction software enables them to identify specialized terms in running text so that they can enter them into a formal terminology management process and provide information about them to authors and linguists. It can also assist other staff members – such as librarians, marketers, and technology developers – who need to understand the language used within their content.

This TechStack: provides an overview of terminology extraction; describes its role in translation processes; discusses the past, present, and future of the technology; lists prominent term extraction solutions; performs a SWOT analysis; and details basic and advanced features of these tools.

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Pages: 9

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