Four Futures for Global Intelligent Content
by Arle Lommel, Donald A. DePalma
September 07, 2018
September 07, 2018

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Machine learning may be a buzzword right now, but the transformations it enables are as important as the shift to digitalization that began in the 1980s and took off with the internet. Starting in 2015, the combination of big data – amplified by ubiquitous broadband – and the powerful hardware required to run neural networks opened up innovative approaches to global content design, production, translation, and consumption.

This report first defines what intelligent content is and why it matters. It then analyzes four content trends that promise to add value to the masses of information generated every second: how semantically enriched content is adding knowledge to content; why machine-generated material is exploding content volumes and changing the nature of text; how conversational interactions are transforming content requirements and building demand for new ways to record information about users and their relationship to content; and why the rise of speech-enabled and headless devices will require content intelligence. It then closes with a set of recommendations for how to prepare for the rise of intelligent content.

  • Global Leaders

Pages: 25

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