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Staying Alive: How To Be a Tech-Savvy LSP in 2017
Technology is crucial for language service providers (LSPs), not just for growth but even for survival in a rapidly changing market landscape. Earlier this year, we reviewed technology survey answers for 728 providers and interviewed a cross-section of 30 translation and interpreting companies in 12 countries. Using this combination of quantitative

How Much Waste Goes On at Your Organization?
Like a leaky faucet, a process that creates losses here and there can amount to a big bill at the end. Yet, most language service providers pay very little attention to subtle waste, even when they abide by quality management systems such as ISO 9001. To achieve operational excellence, LSPs must systematically identify waste and strive to eliminate

LSP Metrix™ Helps Buyers Better Select and Manage Language Partners
Language service providers come in all shapes and sizes — no single element defines the best LSP. Buyers often ask CSA Research how to identify the most appropriate vendors for their needs and what they can do to assist suppliers that seek to meet evolving requirements and expectations. Based on the successful adoption of the Localization Maturity

Stop Chanting “Quality, Service, and Price.” Promote Organizational Maturity Instead.
Nearly every language service provider that we speak with struggles to distinguish itself from its many competitors. LSPs often promote quality, customer service, and price as the reasons why buyers should select them. Yet those three attributes make poor differentiators in the eyes of customers who hear exactly the exact claims from all the LSPs seeking


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