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Survey Results from Survey on Translation and Localization Buyer and Vendor Preferences

Common Sense Advisory (www.commonsenseadvisory.com) announces the release of “He Said, She Said, About Translation,” its latest translation industry research report detailing what’s important to both buyers and suppliers of language services. Findings include a significant divergence on the perceived importance of automation, and that buyer attitudes on pricing remain inscrutable to the vendor community. The report examines the data from a 12-question online survey of “MultiLingual” magazine’s readers, which included responses from 236 language service suppliers (LSPs) and 56 buyers.

The survey, which was conducted in late 2006, examined the procurement patterns, processes, and needs of buyers of language services, and if these findings matched the majority of LSPs’ perceptions and offerings. The results are published in the 26-page report, “He Said, She Said, About Translation.”

Key findings include:

  • Nearly 86 percent of buyers outsource most or all of their translation work to external agencies; findings also defines the most common titles for buyers of language services
  • The firm's research reveals buyers are moving increasingly toward centralization of translation procurements Almost two thirds of North American buyers use a standard rate card or master services agreement; whereas only 16 percent use them in the European Union
  • Limited growth in reverse online auctions – Common Sense Advisory concludes that auctions will not play a major role in language procurement
  • Use of the consensus ratio to determine whether buyers and suppliers agree on whether an issue is important or not important, and the positive intensity ration to determine the strength, or intensity, of each group’s agreement

Adds report analyst Ben Sargent, “We found much overlap between buyer and supplier responses, and a great deal of consistency with our research from the last four years on these topics. The exceptions included stated perceptions about what’s important to buyers and what technologies they use to manage workflow.” “He Said, She Said, About Translation” is available to members of Common Sense Advisory’s Research.

Submitted On: 1/13/2011

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