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Common Sense Advisory Releases In-depth Analysis of the Translation and Localization Industry
Common Sense Advisory, Inc., a leading business globalization, a leading business globalization, internationalization, localization, and translation research and consulting firm, has released its latest report, “Language Services 2006: Supply-Side Outlook.” The report, which is available as part of a subscription, considers the supply side of the language industry, reviewing the year that was and the 12 months to come from the perspective of language service providers (LSPs) and independent software vendors (ISVs) selling products that facilitate global information management (GIM). The report also updates the firm’s 2005 rankings of the top 20 language services companies based on merger and acquisition (M&A) activity in the industry including Lionbridge’s (LIOX) acquisition of Bowne Global Solutions (BNE).

Adds Common Sense Advisory’s founder and CEO, Don DePalma, “Although the title says otherwise, this report is also for buyers, planners, and practitioners. One of our research goals has been to reduce the “information asymmetry” of the global language services and software market. In the market’s current asymmetric state, some people possess all the information relevant to a negotiation, business practice, or technology, but others know much less – and that disparity results in higher costs, delayed projects, and confusion. The report will be an important tool for anyone involved in buying or supplying language services.”

The 56-page report provides in-depth analysis of the factors driving the language services industry such as M&A activity, market size and growth, and technology. Data points and findings from the research include:
  • Software localization meets emerging markets. High-tech development and outsourcing companies in Brazil, China, India, Russia, and other countries will see ample growth opportunities in the States and Western Europe and that expansion beyond their domestic markets will serve their shareholders well.
  • Certain industry verticals lead the demand for localization services. Segments Segments driving industry growth are life sciences, legal, advertising, defense, and government.
  • Economic activity points to the increased rewards of doing business globally. As globalization spreads and companies realize more of their revenue from their international operations, localized business applications, websites, documents, and physical products will necessarily consume more of the budget for marketing, sales, operations, and human resource executives.
Last year, Common Sense Advisory released its estimate of the current worldwide translation and localization market at US$ 8.8 billion, reaching a total of US$ 12 billion in 2010. “This figure is particularly relevant at a time where the market seems to be continuing along the wave of consolidation. Although we have updated our rankings of the top 20 language services companies, we anticipate the size of the 2006 market to be consistent with our earlier estimates of just over US$ 9 billion,” comments the firm’s Chief Operating Officer, Renato Beninatto.

"Language Services 2006: Supply-Side Outlook" is available as part of an annual subscription. For more information, visit http://www.commonsenseadvisory.com.

Submitted On: 1/13/2011

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