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International Revenue: Enterprise-Wide Globalization

Language Services Spend: Enterprise-Wide Globalization

Organizational Maturity: Enterprise-Wide Glocalization

Financial Benchmarks for Global Enterprises: International Revenue

Financial Benchmarks for Global Enterprises: Language Services Spend

Financial Benchmarks for Global Enterprises: Organizational Maturity

Insights on Enterprise Buying Behaviors

Insights on Enterprise Budgeting Practices

Insights on Enterprise Translation Automation

Quality, Speed, Cost: What Buyers Want to Measure

Understanding Your Customer's Translation Performance



International Revenue: Localization Team Maturity
Language Services Spend: Localization Team Maturity
Organizational Maturity: Localization Team Maturity
Localization Maturity Model: Release 3.0
Why Benchmarking Buyer Maturity Matters for LSPs
Strategy: Establishing Goals and Budgets Organization-Wide
Governance: Elevating Localization as a Business Function
Process: Globalizing Enterprise-Wide
Organization: Building Excellence at Every Stage
Automation: Implementing Technology within Limits


Enterprise Language Shifts Point to LSP Opportunity

Forecasting Global Language Priorities: 2022 and 2027

Language Pair Demand and Supply: 2017

Digital Opportunity: Top 100 Online Languages for 2017

Digital Opportunity: Under- and Over-Served Languages

Why Localization Matters for Corporate Buyers

Can’t Read Won’t Buy



Assessing the World’s Most Prominent Websites

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