Intro: The Recipe to Achieve Repeatable Sales Success

Planning: Plot Your Destination

Differentiation: Prepare to Stand Out

Goals: Quantify Your Objectives

Markets: Target the Right Segments

Pipeline: Generate Leads

Communication: Engage Prospects

Playbook: Prepare Your Moves

Tools: Power Your Effort

Staffing: Design the Job

Management: Oversee the Implementation

Account Management: Nurture and Develop Clients


Understanding Buyer Decision Strategies

Twenty Profiles of Buyers of Language Services

Effective Market Segmentation

How LSPs Can Use Client Analytics

How to Choose Clients Based on Localization Maturity



How to Win the High-Stakes RFP Game

Helping Your Client’s Customers Read and Buy More

How to Assess the Revenue Opportunity of Clients

Selling Different Levels of Quality

LSP Differentiator: The Localization Maturity Model

How to Win the Requests for Proposals that Matter Most

How Single-Language Vendors Can Sell to Direct Clients

How to Win More Business from Other LSPs


LSP Pricing Strategies

The Art of Quoting Turnaround Times

An LSP’s Guide to Quoting

LSPs Need to Know When to Turn Down a Client

The Price-Quality Link



Conversation Starters to Engage Clients Beyond Projects

Account Growth through Client Care

Improve Your Clients’ Experience
How to Maximize the Value of the Client-LSP Relationship

An LSP’s Guide to Account Management

When Customer Retention Matters More Than Sales

Is Recommending Centralization Always the Best Option?

How to Use Metrics to Better Serve Your Customers

LSPs Can Grow by Supporting Globalization Champion


Seven Ways to Design a Strong LSP Website

Benchmarking LSP Websites

Marketing Strategies for LSPs

Ten Common Marketing Mistakes that LSPs Make

Maximize the Return of Your Trade Show and Conference Strategy

Content-Based Marketing Is the New SEO

Can LSPs Generate Leads with Social Media?

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