Strategic planning


The ROI of Customer Engagement

Fourteen Ways to Ace Your Executive Presentation

Prepare to Present at Company-Wide Meetings

Financial Benchmarks for Global Enterprises: International Revenue

International Revenue: Enterprise-Wide Globalization

International Revenue: Localization Team Maturity

Financial Benchmarks for Global Enterprises: Language Services Spend

Language Services Spend: Enterprise-Wide Globalization

Language Services Spend: Localization Team Maturity

Financial Benchmarks for Global Enterprises: Organizational Maturity

Organizational Maturity: Enterprise-Wide Globalization

Organizational Maturity: Localization Team Maturity

Return on Investment for Global Websites

Can't Read, Won't Buy

Localization Matters for Global Procurement

Investment Proposal for Adding Language Support for Marketing

10 Questions to Ask Your CFO

You Have a Meeting with the CEO – Now What?

Six Steps to Executive Sponsorship of Globalization


The Calculus of Global Content
Pragmatic Global Content Strategy
What Should We Localize, and How Deep Should We Go?
Market Entry Decisions
Millennials around the Globe
Enterprise Language Processing
Content Strategy for the Global Enterprise
Guidelines for Integrating KB Content into Your Global CX
Deploying Multilingual Support Knowledge Bases
When Translation Fails to Increase Local Sales
Piracy Rates for Localized Software
Translation at Fortune 500 Companies
How to Set Up a Globalization Program Office (GPO)
How to Get Localization a Seat at the Table
Why Smart Companies Invest in Translation
How to Excel as a Globalization Champion
Profile of a Globalization Champion
The Global Business Leadership Manifesto
Enterprise Translation Automation


Consumer Language Preferences by Country

Forecasting Global Language Priorities: 2022 and 2027

Language Pair Demand and Supply: 2017

Digital Opportunity: Fast-Rising Languages for 2016

Digital Opportunity: Under- and Over-Served Languages

Website Language Churn: 2016-2017

What to Do When It’s Time to Drop a Language

Making the Switch from Neutral to Regional Spanish

Arabic Regional Variants for Global Brands


Take Command of Your Translation Budget

Eight Guidelines for Budgetmeisters

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