Business model


Localization Maturity Model: Release 3.0

Building a Globally Integrated Organization

Why Benchmarking Localization Maturity Matters

Governance: Elevating Localization as a Business Function

Strategy: Establishing Goals and Budgets Organization-Wide

Process: Globalizing Enterprise-Wide

Organization: Building Excellence at Every Stage

Automation: Implementing Technology within Limits

The Telltale Signs of Globalization Immaturity

Self-Assessment Checklist for Localization Maturity

A Beginner’s Guide to the Localization Maturity Model

A Practitioner’s Guide to the Localization Maturity Model

Optimized Localization Maturity

Accelerating Localization Maturity


Align Your Localization and Enterprise KPIs
How to Elicit International Customer Feedback
Translation Performance Metrics


Should We Centralize Our Globalization Function?

Which Organizational Chart Works Best for You?

On-Boarding New Consumers of Translation Services

Use These Job Descriptions to Build Your Team

Digital Campaign Management and Localization

Are You Ready to Acquire a New Team or Be Acquired?

Seven Areas to Address for Merging Translation Groups

Improve Communication with In-Country Teams

At Your Wit’s End? Consider On-Site LSP Support

Managing Translation Operations



Establishing a Corporate Language Hiring Policy

E-Marketing Convergence Creates Opportunity for Localization Managers

Building In-House Translation Teams
How to Hire and Retain the Best Project Managers

How to Attract More Job Applicants for In-House Teams

Training Advice for In-House Localization Teams

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