Specialty services


The Underserved Market for Transactional Translation

Portal-Based Client Interactions

Ignore Small Translation Jobs at Your Own Risk


Interpreting Technology Adoption Patterns at LSPs

Streamlining Interpreter Bookings

TechStack: Interpreting Management Systems

Interpreters at the Push of a Button

Developing the IDP Market

The State of the Interpreting Market

Trends in On-Site Interpreting

Trends in Conference Interpreting

Trends in Over-the-Phone Interpreting

Trends in Video Remote Interpreting


Post-Editing Goes Mainstream

Great Expectations for Post-Edited MT

Post-Edited Machine Translation Defined

What Post-Edited Machine Translation Costs

How to Add Post-Edited Machine Translation to Your Service Offerings

Why Every LSP Needs to Consider Post-Edited MT

Fast-Growing LSPs Turn to Machine Translation

MT Is Unavoidable to Keep Up with Content Volumes

MT Skeptics: Is the Time Right for Post-Editing?

Why MT Doesn’t Appeal to Some Buyers


The Chattering Class: Help Clients Localize Chatbots

Mobile App Localization

Eight Areas Where You Can Help Clients Improve ASO

Simplifying Multilingual Content Production with ITS 2.0

Agile: A Quick Introduction for LSPs

What’s on the Mind of the Agile-ized Buyer

Using Proxy Servers to Make Website Globalization Easier

How to Guide Geolingual Visitors to Relevant Content

Sorting Out the SEO-TM Conundrum

Show Me the Money: Currency Display Options for Global Websites


The Winds of Content Are Changing

Content Source Optimization: A Checklist

Optimizing Content for MT: A Checklist

Ten Drivers for Transcreation Growth

Reaching New Markets through Transcreation

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