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The Top 100 LSPs in 2018
The Language Services Market: 2018
Who’s Who in Language Services and Technology: 2018 Rankings
The Language Services Market: Research Methodology 2018
The Top LSPs in Africa in 2018
The Top LSPs in Asia-Pacific in 2018
The Top LSPs in Eastern Europe in 2018
The Top LSPs in Latin America and the Caribbean in 2018
The Top LSPs in North America in 2018
The Top LSPs in Northern Europe in 2018
The Top LSPs in Southern Europe in 2018
The Top LSPs in Western Europe in 2018
The Fastest-Growing LSPs: 2017
M&A in the Language Sector
Fast-Growing LSPs Turn to Machine Translation
CSA Research Survey on Gender and the Family


Evaluating the Operational Maturity of Suppliers

How to Write Translation Requests for Proposals

Translation RFPs: Guidelines for Procurement Managers

How to Write Better Translation RFP Questions

How to Buy Translation

Recruiting for Languages of Limited Demand


Disintermediation in the Language Supply Chain

How to Manage Freelancers: Lessons Learned from LSPs

Translation Supply Chain Management

Balanced Scorecards for Vendor Evaluation

Nine Signs Your LSP Needs to Step Up Its Game

The Well-Tempered Language Service Level Agreement

The Life Cycle of a Relationship with a Translation Provider

Case Studies in Community Translation

Crowdsourced Translation


How AI Will Augment Human Translation

Tech-Savvy Providers Nail the LSP Metrix

Translation Technology Adoption Patterns at LSPs

AI Is Changing How LSPs Manage Projects

The State of Project Management at LSPs

Benchmarks for Language Service Providers: 2017

How LSPs Quote Projects

Assessing the Strength of Your LSP’s Supply Chain

Insights on How LSPs Test Their Supply Chain

How to Evaluate Supplier Ability to Follow the Sun

A Behind-the-Scenes Peek at LSP Production Models


Growth and Compression in Translation Pricing

Strategic Procurement of Translation Services

Are You Ready for Fair Trade Translation?

Maturing Buyers Change the Economics of Translation

What to Do When Translation Vendors Raise Prices

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