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Common Sense Advisory in the news

“Speaking your Customers’ Language” in Call Centres Briefing    -   April 06, 2018
"How Translation Can Help Small Businesses" in UpWork    -   February 01, 2018
“Augmented Translation” in Think Global    -   February 01, 2018
"Not Just English: Many users want websites in their native language" (German) in ComputerWelt    -   January 28, 2018
“Will neural technology drive MT into the mainstream?” in Multilingual magazine    -   January 01, 2018
“Localizing Apps for Multilingual Conversations” in Multilingual magazine    -   December 01, 2017
“7 Things Russians Expect on your Website” at Russian Search Marketing    -   November 29, 2017
“Les Traducteurs Humains sur la Sellete” in Le Monde    -   November 27, 2017
“Welcome to the Era of the AI Coworker” at Wired    -   November 15, 2017
"Voice to Text in Multiple Languages for Speech-enabled Apps" at App Developer Magazine    -   November 13, 2017
“Data Breached in Translation” in CSO magazine    -   November 09, 2017
“A Guide to Winning at Mobile Marketing in a Connected World” at MarTechExec    -   October 24, 2017
“Der Markt für Sprachdienstleistungen wächst weltweit” in PQRM    -   October 23, 2017
“The Economic Opportunity for Software Localization in Africa, the Middle East, and Central Asia” in Multilingual magazine    -   October 20, 2017
“¿Qué tan bueno es tu nivel de inglés?” in Merca2.0    -   October 20, 2017
“La traduction de vos contenus n'est pas une simple commodité” in emarketing    -   October 17, 2017
“CX: Key Challenges and How to Overcome Them” at My Customer    -   September 28, 2017
“Managing Information Overload with a Pragmatic Global Content Strategy” at Content Wrangler (Webinar)    -   September 19, 2017
"When Hurricane Warnings Are Lost in Translation" in The Atlantic    -   September 08, 2017
“Selling Abroad Means Thinking Like a Local” in E-commerce Nation    -   September 06, 2017

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