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"How Mature is Your International Marketing Strategy?" in CMSWire    -   October 05, 2018
"Chatbots from Czech to Chinese" in Chief Marketer    -   October 01, 2018
"Local Content is the Path to Global Audiences" in CommPro    -   September 24, 2018
"Mobile App Localization and Internationalization” at MarTech Advisor    -   August 29, 2018
"Aiming High in Japan for Successful Localization" in Multilingual magazine    -   August 15, 2018
“Adapting Your Ecommerce Business to a New Region in Europe” in Entrepreneur Europe    -   August 14, 2018
“Localization Key to Cross-Border Selling in B2B E-commerce” in Supply & Demand Chain Executive    -   August 14, 2018
“How Multilingual Chatbots Will Change the Voice of Business” in Forbes    -   August 13, 2018
“Tips for Building a Content Translation Strategy” at CMSWire    -   July 27, 2018
“Language Barrier Blocks Cryptocurrency Growth” at ThirtyK    -   July 24, 2018
“Website Localization: The Basis of International E-business” (in Italian) at Inside Marketing    -   July 23, 2018
“Principles for Maximizing Return on Brand.com Language Investment” in tcworld magazine    -   July 02, 2018
“With Live Chat, One Size Doesn’t Fit All” in CSM magazine    -   July 01, 2018
“4 Tips to Help International Websites Be More Profitable and Deliver Better User Experiences” in CMS Wire    -   June 08, 2018
“Gearing Up — Globally — for Online Holiday Sales” at WWD    -   June 08, 2018
“Finding the Right Partner to Product Videos for Global Primetime” (p 29) in Multilingual magazine    -   June 01, 2018
“The Future of Translation Worldwide” in Digitalist Magazine    -   May 17, 2018
“Lost in Automation? The Meaning of Translation in the Digital Age” at CRM.ORG    -   May 07, 2018
“How the Combined Powers of Live Chat and Bots Empower Your Customer Service Team” at MarTechExec    -   May 07, 2018
“The Future of Retail: Hyperpersonalization Via Localization” in TotalRetail    -   May 03, 2018

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