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"When Hurricane Warnings Are Lost in Translation" in The Atlantic    -   September 08, 2017
“Selling Abroad Means Thinking Like a Local” in E-commerce Nation    -   September 06, 2017
“Gender in Language Services” in Multilingual magazine    -   September 01, 2017
“Banking on APIs” at Hacker Noon    -   August 22, 2017
“Translation Data Helps Brands Market to New Guests” at HotelBusiness    -   August 21, 2017
“Five Tips for a Successful Localization Strategy” in Marketing Boerse (German)    -   August 04, 2017
“Customer Experience: Major Challenges for B2B Organizations” in B2B Marketeers (Dutch)    -   August 01, 2017
“BRI Could Signal Boom for Worldwide Localization Services” in Asia Times    -   July 15, 2017
“Why Zero-Shot Translation Might be the Most Important MT Development in Localization” in Multilingual magazine    -   July 02, 2017
“Websites Traduzidos e Localizados Podem Ajudar Empresas a Conquistar Novos Mercados” in Terra Brasil    -   June 28, 2017
Private equity ruikt geld in vertaling at Trends    -   June 28, 2017
“How Languages Impact Customer Experience” at ICMI    -   June 21, 2017
“Get Ready for Multilingual Wearables!” in tcworld magazine    -   June 01, 2017
“Why Localization is Key to Global Marketing” in European Business Review    -   May 19, 2017
“Augmented Translation Puts Translators Back in the Center” at Intelligent Information    -   May 19, 2017
“Global Customer Journeys: Lessons learned from travel and leisure” in Multilingual magazine    -   May 02, 2017
“The Linchpin of Your Globalization Strategy is Localization” at TechZone360    -   May 01, 2017
“Is There a Link Between Customer Experience and Profitability?” in Call Centre Helper    -   April 27, 2017
“Global Organizations and the Age of Understanding” at MarTech Advisor    -   April 19, 2017
“The Advantages of Being a Multilingual Broker” at AMEinfo    -   April 18, 2017

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