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"Localization procurement in the age of the cloud, micro services and AI"  - May 31, 2017
XTM LIVE (San Mateo, California)

"Where Do I Go to Keep Up with the Ever-changing Localization Industry?"  - May 16, 2017
LocWorld34  (Barcelona, Spain)

"Buy-side Colloquium: Localization Maturity Model 3.0 — Why Benchmarking Globalization Matters in a Continuous Delivery World"  - May 15, 2017
LocWorld34  (Barcelona, Spain)

"The Link between LSP Maturity and Repeatable Sales Success"  - May 15, 2017
LocWorld34  (Barcelona, Spain)

"Engaging with Global Audiences: Who’s Leading Today with Contemporary Language Practices and Technologies?"  - November 30, 2016
Gilbane (Boston, MA)

"Engaging Global Audiences: What’s on the Horizon for Language Practices, Capabilities, and Technologies?"  - November 30, 2016
Gilbane (Boston, MA)

"Machine Translation Enables LSP Growth"  - October 28, 2016
LocWorld (Montreal, Canada)

"Buy-side Colloquium: The Journey from Multiple Sources to Multiple Targets"  - October 27, 2016
LocWorld (Montreal, Québec)

"What Makes a Good Localization According to Russian and Chinese Players"  - October 27, 2016
LocWorld (Montreal, Canada)

"The Role of Language in a Digitally-Changing World"  - October 06, 2016
Microsoft Biannual International Day (Bellevue, WA)

"Mobile-Forward Design for Global Brands"  - September 28, 2016
2016 Brand2Global (Menlo Park, CA)

"Buy-side Colloquium: The Journey from Multiple Sources to Multiple Targets"  - September 27, 2016
LocWorld (Montreal, Canada)

"Inside the Mind of Translation Buyers"  - June 10, 2016
Dublin, Ireland

"How the Content Explosion Challenges the Localization Status Quo"  - June 10, 2016
Dublin, Ireland

"Advanced Digital Globalization"  - June 09, 2016
Dublin, Ireland

"Planning for Global Customer Experience"  - April 14, 2016
Cincinnati, OH

"Millennials May Affect Your Client’s Localization Strategy:  How Can You Help?"  - March 21, 2016
New York, NY

"TAUS Webinar "The Game Changers of 2016""  - December 10, 2015
Online Webinar

"Global Experience Management: Analyst Views on Trends and Practices"  - December 03, 2015
Boston, Massachusetts

"Global Experience Management: Making It Work in the Real World"  - December 03, 2015
Boston, Massachusetts

"Why Localization Is More Important than Ever to Japanese Companies "  - November 26, 2015
Tokyo, Japan

"The Global Content Experience"  - November 19, 2015
San Francisco, California

"How to Progress through the Six Stages of LSP Maturity"  - October 16, 2015
Santa Clara, CA

"Buy-side Colloquium: What to Localize - How Much, How Deep?"  - October 15, 2015
Santa Clara, CA

"Managing different levels of quality"  - October 13, 2015
San Jose, CA
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