In 2005 CSA Research coined the term "translation management system" in place of the then common "globalization management system." In our 2008 analysis of the market, we provided a complete typology of the TMS segment and then launched TMS Live in 2010. Over the next 10 years we sized the market, catalogued the features, and analyzed the use cases and features. TMS Live helped enterprise buyers and LSPs shortlist best-fit solutions for consideration. Now that TMS vendors have converged on the same set of basic features, they can no longer differentiate on that basis. CSA Research is re-thinking what the category currently encompasses and how we expect it to evolve in the future. 

Stay tuned while we lay out the agenda for the next generation of language management technology. For more information on CSA Research TechStack™ series click here.

For any questions, please contact us at research@csa-research.com.
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