CSA Research "Sales Cookbook"

The Recipe to Achieve Repeatable Sales Success

Successful Language Service Providers (LSPs) of all sizes have one thing in common: They rely on a high-performing sales organization. To help LSPs profitably grow their business, CSA Research developed the “Sales Cookbook.”

This 12-module series provides a systematic and comprehensive approach to sales:

CSA Research's "Sales Cookbook" provides insight and guidance on 11 core elements of sales
success -- from strategic planning to execution.

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12 Modules to Profitably Grow Your Business

  1. Intro: The Recipe to Achieve Repeatable Sales Success
    How to Prepare Your Journey
  2. Planning: Plot Your Destination
    How to Plan for Growth
  3. Differentiation: Prepare to Stand Out
    How to Design Your Unique Selling Proposition
  4. Goals: Quantify Your Objectives
    How to Systematize Your Goal-Setting Effort
  5. Markets: Target the Right Segments
    How to Zero in on the Right Markets
  6. Pipeline: Generate Leads
    How to Put a Strong Lead Pipeline in Place
  7. Communication: Engage Prospects
  8. How to Use Communications to Engage Leads
  9. Playbook: Prepare Your Moves
    How to Develop a Playbook to Properly Equip Your Salespeople
  10. Tools: Power Your Effort
    How to Implement Technology to Support Sales and Marketing Efforts
  11. Staffing: Design the Job
    How to Hire Effective Salespeople
  12. Management: Oversee the Implementation 
    How to Drive the Company to Results
  13. Account Management: Nurture and Develop Clients 
    How to Manage Accounts to Retain and Grow Them
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