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As content volumes and the number of languages that enterprises support increase – and turnaround time simultaneously decreases – LSPs and enterprise content teams turn to a wide variety of technologies. CSA Research’s TechStack™ reports provide a comprehensive overview of these technologies, how to apply them, and the features you should consider when selecting a provider or tool. Each report outlines what the technology is, who uses it and what they do with it, its history, and alternatives to it. Use this information to guide your technology strategy and acquisition choices

To help you understand which technologies matter the most in your drive toward automation, in 2016 CSA Research began an ongoing and systematic analysis of the most important solutions including machine translation, interpreting management systems, translation management and delivery systems, translation proxy, content processing, language quality assessment and in-context review, and terminology management and extraction.

TechStack: Automated Content Enrichment: Automated content enrichment (ACE) is an emerging technology that parses source and target text, creates links to relevant external resources, and can supply additional information such as terms, concepts, dates, or products.

TechStack: Optical Character Recognition: Optical character recognition (OCR) is a mainstream information technology that assists enterprises in their digitization and digital transformation efforts. It plays an important role in translation workflows for printed legacy materials or inbound content for which electronic documents are not available.

TechStack: Terminology Management Tools: The use of terminology management tools and processes enables global enterprises and language service providers to re-purpose content and translations at sub-segment levels or so-called micro-content levels.

TechStack: Translation Quality and In-Context Review Tools: These tools assist linguists in identifying errors in translated content and fixing them. They play a vital role in helping translation providers and requesters alike understand how well translations meet expectation and what it takes to improve them. 

TechStack: Interpreting Management Systems: These applications schedule and manage interpreting assignments, whether on-site or remote. They provide efficiencies that are vital to coordinate large volumes of scheduled interpreting assignments.

TechStack: Machine Translation: Machine translation software automatically produces translations of text without human intervention. It has become an essential part of many corporate strategies for content globalization.

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MarketFlex for Business-Oriented TMS

The market for business-oriented translation management systems in LSP environments is growing. In the past, limited commercial options led many language service providers to develop in-house solutions. Today, commercial solutions support a range of work styles, company sizes, and integration requirements.

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MarketFlex for Comprehensive TMS

Prospective buyers deserve objective third-party inputs to their own planning process. This MarketFlex™ report adds a new and important level of market research for language technology, equivalent to that afforded to other major software markets. We provide this research in order to de-mystify the TMS landscape and identify critical differences in the approach and capabilities of the vendors and systems. In combination with TMS Live, MarketFlex fills a gap in technology research for our industry.

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